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    The Mobicity website has an expected release date of 1st August for what looks like the unlocked EU version of the Pre 3.

    16GB currently $699 HP Pre 3 16GB | MobiCity
    8GB currently $599 HP Pre 3 8GB | MobiCity

    TouchPad is also there...with Australian wall plug in box, listed as available from 11th July. Can pre-order now.

    As for myself, I have a Pre 2 and iPad not sure about upgrading....but I would like both a Pre 3 and a TouchPad. Still thinking about it and decision is likely to be based around what happens with the App Catalog. It has been opened up for developers to submit apps for Australia, but I am not sure if that is just for Enyo (3.0) or not.

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    Cool, but the pre, pre plus and pre 2 are also there. Do mobicity just import, or do they actually wait for an official release?
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    They are (mostly?) importers. The Pre 3 looks like it is the EU unlocked version, so they just import it. We have not yet had ANY official webOS releases here in Australia. The devices that Mobicity carry are unlocked devices and usually cost a premium due to being unlocked and imported. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on eBay for cheaper devices....but with Mobicity, they offer a warranties & I think that they might be a safer option.

    I doubt that the Pre 3 will be released here. Australian carriers will probably only sell webOS phones once they have gained popularity. (I am only speculating).

    The TouchPad will be our first official webOS device. The one listed on Mobicity's website looks like it may be the Australian version since it says that an Australian wall plug is included in the box.
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    I jolly hope so that our TouchPad launch isn't too far off so I can get it from my local JB Hi Fi. I find 64gb a bit tight on my iPad (I have 30gb of apps), but without too many apps on the TouchPad, maybe 32gb will be enough? Even though, we can hope that the 64gb rumors are indeed true, and will come with the Australian release.
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    I also have a 64GB iPad and mine is half full of apps and that is with removing many so as I can fit more videos and podcasts on it. So, my preference would also be for a 64GB TouchPad.
    I have a 32GB iPhone 4 and find that it is not enough storage. I'd like a 64GB one.
    As for my Pre 2 (16GB), I currently don't have access to paid I use it for free apps, email, web browsing and podcasts. I just reduce the number of podcasts that I download to it....and I find it o.k...but I am hoping that the app catalog gets updated to allow me to purchase apps soon....then I will find that I want more space there as well.

    I'd also like to walk into a JB Hi Fi and buy a TouchPad.....or a DickSmith. lol. I really think that HP should sell them via those outlets, that is how the general public will get to know about them. Without that, webOS will gain no traction over here.
    HP really need to update their Australian website. It is out of date. They should be selling unlocked Pre 2 & Veer already and soon should be adding Pre 3 and TouchPad (actually, they should be listed as coming soon already). This should be splashed all over their front page...there really has been no news over here yet and I'd like to see it change.
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    I've just pre-ordered a 16GB Pre 3.

    -- Rod
    WebOS Internals and Preware Founder and Developer
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    Jodi, you complain of the HP website, you should see palm's, it hasn't changes for two years. Your situation seems quite similar to mine. I purchased an ipod touch to complement my old treo, and I found the 32gb to be lacking. But without many apps (I still have somehow managed to download over 200 rubbish free apps), no podcasts, movies, tv shows and magazines, the 16 gb on my pre 2 seems fine-ish, its serviceable, particularly when compared with the Java apps on my brother's Porsche Designs. The lack of apps was fine with close to 400 on the ipad (which is more than the touchpad's whole catalog), but with the touchpad, I'm a little worried. Anyway, all my friends know about webos, so that's a start, but find helicopter laggy which is rather embarrassing. I am waffling on a bit now, but I hope to find a glossy black 64gb Touchpad at JB Hi Fi soon. And by the way, congrats Rod!
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    Well done Rod. That's the first order for a Pre 3 that I have heard of. So, I take it that you ordered from Mobicity? Do you usually order from them?
    I am very eager to get a Pre 3....but need to work out whether the app catalog will be out for Australia by then or if I should use Impostah (assuming it will work on 2.2) to gain access to the US app catalog.

    Veyron, yes, our stories are similar in a way...I started with a Palm IIIx, had a Vx, iPaq3870, T3, Treo650, TX, Sony UX50, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, Pre 2. Plus iPad and iPad 2. So, a bit of a gadget hound. I am a programmer for my day job and just getting started with iOS and webOS development in my 'free time'.
    My main uses for the iPad 2 are Twitter, email, web browsing, video podcasts & Kindle app for programming texts. I have a Kindle 3 as well for novels. I also use a variety of other apps....but those are the ones that I use the most. So, the TouchPad will actually cater for my main uses, but there are other things that I would miss, if I were to drop the iPad and totally switch at this stage....but I am still tempted to get the TouchPad and keep it in addition to my iPad 2. lol.
    The TouchPad is much more versatile in terms of what it is capable of...but more apps would be good. I have a large collection of those find picture games. So, I am caught in the middle of iOS and webOS. I have purchased so much on iOS though and cannot yet buy anything on that limits what I can do on a webOS device at this stage...but I still love webOS and feel more connected with it. The Pre 2 notification system is better than iOS, so is multitasking and navigation.
    So, even after all of this....I still want a Pre 3, but not sure about the TouchPad (if my development gets going then I might be able to justify it).
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    I've just pre-ordered a 16GB Pre 3.

    -- Rod
    Great to hear Rod! Similar question here - did you pre-order from Mobicity as well? Have they been responsive & reliable and honoured warranties in your experience? Would really appreciate your feedback!

    I've switched from a Treo 650 to Palm Pre Minus which is slowly dying and an upgrade is much needed!

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