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    I know this might be asking to much today with the news on the Fall release of the Pre 3. Either way, I wanted to have a civilized discussion about what the reasoning behind this news might be.

    1) It seems to me that it is the US carriers that are the problem. The device has been shown off at various events as well as Touchpad reviewers being sent European Pre 3s (Or so I heard). AT&T and Verizon might be looking at the specs and the previous history of the Pre/Pixi, the lackluster success of Windows phones and thinking there just isn't market room for more then Apple/Droid.

    2) I would HOPE that to go hand in hand with the US carrier issues, they also decided to do a spec bump to compete with the Fall/Winter market which as it looks right now will be IP5 and the usual Android barrage, full of high end specs.

    3) Lastly, maybe they want to go all in with WebOS 3.0 and just focus on the future as opposed to previous versions.

    Who really knows what is going on. Let me know what you guys think and please, keep it civilized. Thanks!
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    Civilized and Internets don't mix.

    But anyways, my money is still on the carriers. They probably haven't figured out how to cripple the phone to the bone yet, so they're saying no.

    I sure hope this isn't affecting the Canadian launch, though the Pre 3 isn't even showing up on the Canadian Palm site yet (other than a brief mention in the footnote of the TouchPad specs).
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    Carriers all the way. They do the same thing with android releases.
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    It looks to me like the Pre 3 will launch like the Pre 2; Europe first, with a big ? for U.S. carriers & release. It's unfortunate, but if the Pre 3 doesn't come out until fall, I doubt it will do well. Once the new iPhone comes out, people will be going into a frenzy.
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    It figures what is holding the Pre 3 up at Sprint is their launching of Wimax 4g and their most recent announcement of plans of switching to LTE next year. The conflict is that HP is not going to invest $ designing/testing a Wimax 4g radio in their Pre 3 only to have it become obsolete next year and Sprint does not want to launch a new smartphone that is only 3g, so we sit here and wait to see who blinks first.
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    Back during this spring, I would've thought that ATT would be a lock, especially given the FCC info. But now I'm wondering if poor Veer performance made ATT think twice on the Pre3. Damn.
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    If the carriers are the problem HP could simply release an unlocked GSM world phone. HP is full of it and the Pre3 is still unfinished. The Veer sales performance hasn't wowed anyone and it might have put off carriers from signing on. Add to the fact that no LTE or Wimax really adds to the "this phone isn't worth it" for carriers (Verizon and sprint).

    So what if the wimax will be "outdated" in a year, Sprint just released 3 new wimax phones and 2 more are to come before the summer is over!
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    At this point, it seems like the Pre3 is not going to be competitive with Gal S2, iphone5 and the like. If they have a better phone in the wings, (a big If) and the carriers don't like the Pre3, get that better phone to the big US carriers, and stick the Pre3 on the pay as you go services cheap, to introduce more people to webOS.
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    Fall, huh? I'm almost out of time - my launch day Sprint Pre is starting to really slow down, and the housing is cracking on the corners, if it dies before "Fall", I'll pick up an EVO 3D. Even joined AndroidCentral yesterday, and it's full of old Pre-ple, many of which helped make the Pre so lovable! It was like coming home! :-)

    The idea of waiting until Fall, and still not know if Sprint will even carry it.... that's a real kick in the nuts.

    What to do with all these touchstones..... I'll miss the touchstone charging the most. ....followed by cards and swiping.

    I started browsing apps, and well, it's not news here that all the apps we're missing and clamoring for are all there, ...and many more.

    Really, though, I just want a Pre3 on Sprint. If I knew it was coming I would wait, but it looks more and more it won't happen.

    I'm going to give it a couple of weeks, though..... maybe HP and Sprint will kiss and make up, (no one at my local Sprint store wants anything to do with anything Pre related, they hate it.) ....but I want a new phone by the end of July, and after playing with the Evo 3D the other day, It'll do just fine.

    Sorry, for the lousy formatting, but I'm typing this on a nook color (which, ironicly runs Android 2.2) and it doesn't seem to add line breaks properly. ....I AM starting to get use to an on-screen keyboard, though. :-)
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    Hmmmm, the formatting seems to work fine here, must be the nook color forum that has the problem..... :-)
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    ratchetjaw: Good point, can't be good waiting too close to the next Apple release, us die hard fans will still buy a webOS device but webOS need more customers than that.

    Its not out in Europe yet so its still room for delays, I know they said mid july launch but on the pre-order site its "sold out".
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    How's about this:

    Don't believe everything you read on the internet, especially from anonymous "tipsters".

    Until HP directly releases a Pre 3 release statement, EVERYTHING else is rhetoric.

    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    Pretty much just what we all predicted. Summer '11 means Fall '11 means early Winter '11. I'd say I was dissapointed, if I was actually surprised by this. Bravo to you few that are still holding on. Bravo indeed.
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    I think this has to do with priorities and strategy.

    HP needed consumers to take a 2nd look at webOS, the best way to do that was to go after an emerging market - tablets!

    But this meant several things.. Mostly though, designing hardware in a short time-frame, and rewritting webOS from scratch. They basically had to devote everything they had on this. I mean, they aren't even finished rewritting webOS yet, just look at the missing apps we're used to seeing from 1.x/2.x. Clearly, they're still stretched thin here.

    I think they're only now having a chance to put resources on other things like cleaning up 2.x for the Pre 3 release, this is probably why Europe gets the phone first. They can be a beta test market.

    It's likely they haven't had much of a chance to add and train new resources until now either. Which is probably why we don't see much parallel development, but instead delays in launches.
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    Carriers. That is the issue (why they don't want it is a different discussion all together). AT&T and possibly Verizon will get the Pre3.
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    IF it is because HP is working to make the phone better, then I have no problem with waiting. I'd rather have them release a finished device that works well, then release a phone that isn't ready. If it's the carriers, HP has a VERY long uphill battle to fight.
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    They realized they want a Sprint version and will put all other versions on hold so they can launch them at the same time.
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    Isn't pre 3 a webos 2.x device?

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    I personally think it's probably just carrier negotiations.

    It could also be that HP and Sprint are looking at timetables for their launch of their LTE network. Maybe at the same time Sprint makes their LTE announcement they will announce the Pre3 I can hope

    I do love webos and though I am on my 5th Pre- I really am staying with it. My phone is not breaking down, it has it's hiccups but hey every phone does. But after working with Andriod, and iOS, I have to say, I will patiently wait for the next webos phone. I would love to get a Veer, but not sure if I want to switch to ATT for it. If it does not come to sprint when they announce it, I am going to have to think about what I am going to do. I can't stand Android, I can't stand iOS. I guess I might have to go to a feature phone and use my pre until it croaks or hopefully WebOS internals will find a way to do their magic and get a Pre3 on a sprint network :P I do hope they do give some rebate though for early adopters of Pre-... It would be nice to get a discount
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    yeah, I'm not getting wimax fone this year. That tech is doa. If thenrelease it with LTE on sprint I'll stay. Otherwise I think I'll be off to att. I have heard many positive things about hspa+. Not least of which will be the batt life!
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