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    How will mojo-written apps work on the Pre3? Quadrupled in size? How will that look?
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    I assumed the would look just as the do when emulated on the touchpad. The emulation window appears to be Pre3 sized.
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    I would hope no emulation window and just black bars on top and bottom of the app.
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    Since the Pre 3 is still on webOS 2 that means Mojo apps are still the primary framework, there should be no emulation window required (but no Enyo apps either).

    I would expect most Mojo apps to work the same way as Pixi/Veer apps vs Pre/Pre2 apps, they should just scale to show at the different aspect ratio.

    Now the question should be how will fullscreen PDK apps (eg Games) work, will they be scaled like on the TouchPad or require different versions like Pixi/Veer vs Pre/Pre2.

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