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    While watching a review of the touchpad I noticed a pre3 being used in a touch to share demo... Wonder if it's soon to be released.

    HP TouchPad review -- Engadget
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    and its available to pre-order in Europe, plus pre-3 also spotted on precentral, this is my and a host of other tech sites that reviewed TP
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    I saw that. Seems all the reviewers got a Pre 3 for touch to share and the text messaging / calling features. Not surprisingly you can clearly read AT&T on the top left corner of the screen on the Pre 3 Engadget is using.
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    I bet HP sent them out with the specific direction to not review or release any info until after the TP launch. I'm wondering how long after...
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    During a Q&A session, Josh Topolsky said that it was a pre-production Pre 3 and that he would not be providing any comments about it.
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    My contract is up for renewal in September.

    I love my Pre 2, but what die-hard WebOS fan wouldn't want the Pre 3?

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    One of the reviewers stated that they were "pre-production" units and that they were not be evaluated.
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    I was disappointed to read it's pre-production version since a lot of UK resources were on about release on the 8th.Jul. Doesn't seem likely now.
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    I am still getting a feeling we will hear something about the pre3 tomrrow or whenever the "launch" party for the touchpad is

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