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    I will admit, my drive for a Pre3 has diminished a good deal after reading the TP reviews.

    It isn't that I believe the phone will work the same as the tablet, but honestly, the TP needed to have all the basics nailed to make up for the lack of apps. It didn't and it's showing of how far HP still has to go to be competitive in this market.

    I'm not giving the Pre3 the benefit of the doubt any longer, if VZW releases some compelling phones in the weeks ahead, I'll not wait on the Pre3. Maybe check back in 2 years if HP doesn't throw in the towel first.

    Anyone else feel similar, or do you see the TP as completely unrelated to the phone?

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    Thinking along the same lines, sadly. Google calendar sync still is broken on Touchpad according to the review here....which means it is all but certain to be broken on the Pre 3. Funny thing is, this worked on the original Pre! Quite disappointed.
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    do you only use reviews to tell you what movies you should or shouldnt see?

    see, reviews are just that, someone's opinion.

    once I can get a pre(something) on sprint, I will have a touchpad

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    no second thoughts but i do usually read up on reviews before i purchase
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    <smacks head>... how about making a decision on a device once it has launched instead of this? The TouchPad hasn't even launched yet (not to mention the Pre3!) and people are basing their opinions on a few reviewers. Just a suggestion, how about holding a device in your own hand (TouchPad or Pre3) and experiencing it first hand and see if you like it.

    There are enough doom-n-gloom, 'I'm moving on' threads already... <<closed>>
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