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    Two days ago I posted something about my conversation with a "Dan Hesse/Sprint" CSR. It was strongly suggested (I could tell it was strong because the font was bolded ) that I re-post this as a NEW THREAD so that Sprint folks on this forum would take better notice of it.

    Bottom line: The emails going to Dan Hesse at Sprint are starting to make a difference. If YOU want the HP Pre3 to get to Sprint, you're going to have to speak up. Register your feelings on the subject with Sprint by emailing Dan Hesse and letting him know we're serious about wanting the Pre3 and other WebOS devices (TouchPad, Slab, whatever) to come to Sprint.

    Be specific. Be concise. Be serious. If you think you need to leave Sprint to follow WebOS or the Pre3 somewhere else, let them know. This is the only way they're going to understand how big a hurt this may cause them.

    There are undoubtedly lots of reasons this decision by Sprint is taking a long time. It could be their own hurt with poor performance of the Pre- or the current state of relations with HP or their decision to move into LTE distribution -- but, no matter what it is that is holding it up,... they won't know how much it means to us unless we tell them.

    Get out those virtual pencils and start sending in those emails!

    Below now, is a cut/paste of my original post 2 days ago:

    I spoke to someone covering "Dan" at Sprint today. I'd have to say that my conversation with the woman seemed more forthright and genuine than some of the calls I've seen logged here. The call came after several games of email tag when I was unavailable for nearly two weeks. In each new email I posted more about why I was disatisfied and thinking of moving my FOUR lines including my TWO Pre-'s over to another carrier.

    The woman mentioned some curious things to me which I'll summarize here:
    • Her sister had a Pre- and they have talked quite a bit about WebOS being a superior OS and how nice it would be if it Sprint would offer the Pre3 and other WebOS phones right away.
    • According to her Sprint is waiting on HP for some decision making. She wouldn't elaborate but said they continue to be in talks with HP and that there are some hurdles to get over that remain in HP's ball court.
    • The emails from Pre- users on Sprint ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. She actually suggested I tell more people to email "Dan" so that this can gain even more momentum.
    • The Pre3 and WebOS is getting more and more face-time in meetings at Sprint because of our emails.
    • All of the CSR's are complaining that they'd really like to see the Pre3 get offered by Sprint, that Sprint make an announcement about it so that they have something to tell all the callers that call in about it.
    • The last thing she said to me was that it was her understanding that the soonest any of the carriers is going to see the Pre3 would be roughly the beginning of September but that we should keep up the email campaign if we want to see Sprint carry it.

    OK,... that's all I have for my occasional 2-cents on the forums.

    Nearly a day-1 Pre- user.
    A bad day on Pre- is still better than a good day on my business partner's Android/Motorola phone.
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    Emailed Dan today
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    wow sept huh? i wonder what this huge delay was caused by? thats crazy~!
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    Also emailed Dan today. Thanks.
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    Emailed him also. I hope this works. I don't want to have to leave sprint. But if I don't hear even one announcement by October I'm taking my business else where. End of discussion.
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    Emailed Dan a few weeks ago, also sent an email to Sprints support email.
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    I also emailed dan@sprint in early May and spoke for about 20 minutes with a rep from his office. I will be emailing again too. We should all do it. It'll be worth it when we get our webOS device on Sprint.

    Also, I would add that others who aren't on Sprint or who used to be on Sprint but has since left Sprint because of lack of webOS but who would consider returning to Sprint should also email to get the point across.
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    Great idea (emailing Dan if you've already left because of lack of new WebOS phones). Also,... I know in my case,... I probably know like 20 people who use Pre-'s but who are not PreCentral visitors/users. We should spread the word to all of them. Maybe cut/paste one or more of these posts and send it to them.
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    Sent one about two weeks ago. Got the call and follow-up eMail as well. I really do hope this is making some kind of positive impact...
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    I emailed Dan back in May and then talked to one of Dan's assistants a few days later. Maybe it's time for round 2.

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    i emailed spoke with Mary P. she said, she hoped the pre3 would be coming to Sprint because so many people call her, and tell Sprint to get it :3
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    Done. I included an anecdote about the university where I work. webOS is supported for access to the campus wireless network, but Android isn't.
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    I'd chatted with support (who knew nothing and would commit to nothing) a few weeks back; emailed Dan@sprint tonight. Thanks.

    Update 7/4/11:

    I don't think it's what you intended by emailing Sprint, but I did so through my Sprint account so they'd not have to trace back a phone number to verify that I am an actual, good-paying customer. I missed a call today from someone in customer service following up on my email. No tea leaves to read, but that they have someone in on a federal holiday calling the likes of us who are nagging their CEO is good customer support. I'll say I'm most disheartened by HP's inability to bring prototype to market in any timely fashion and hope that the push back on launch is every bit the rumor that any carrier information is at this point. I'll update after hearing again from Sprint -- her message stated she'd be out tomorrow and would call me on Wednesday.
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    email sent! that was much more fun than i thought it would be!
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    i emailed him last week

    i spam sprint's facebook page almost every day

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    i just emailed him.
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    I just emailed Dan, hopefully this works. To encourage more WebOS fans to contact Sprint, can we sticky this thread?
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    Just emailed Dan
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    just emailed
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    Sent email a few days ago, spoke with Keisha L. from today. She confirmed that they're getting a ton of email about WebOS, that they are calling back everyone that writes requesting a new WebOS phone, that every email counts and that it's still being discussed.

    I also asked her how much email was "a ton"- over 1000 messages? She said she didn't know, not being one of the "counters", but based on the amount she's been handling yes, over 1000.

    So yes, keep those cards and letters coming!
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