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    Will the Pre3 have that cool pouch that the Pre- had? I prefer using it vs those plastic cases or clear stickers. Not sure if other models had it as well. Month one Sprint Pre- user.
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    probably not. Hard to use with the rubberized finish.
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    I hope so, I still use the pouch myself. I'll get one made if it doesn't come with one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    probably not. Hard to use with the rubberized finish.
    I disagree, I've been using the sleeping bag with my pre 2 for months now. Doesn't slide in quite like a pre, but its still very usable with rubberized pre 2 front, and touchstone back cover.
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    my guess it wont because the veer didnt come with one.

    or maybe they feel that it didnt need one because of the gorrilla glass

    im using my pre plus pouch with my veer
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    I like it and its been useful with my Pre, Pre+ & Pre2.
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    I like the old pouch especially for wiping smudges from the screen.
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    Wow, so I see the Pre2 didn't come with one. Bummer. I have actually lost two, and purchased three others. I think I lose them getting out of the car. But they are great for protection on drops too. Except for the top, but better than going naked. Will have to get a 3rd party one or something if Sprint does get the Pre3.
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    I keep loosing them and buying new ones from Amazon for my Pre2. It's a must have, I feel guilty putting the Pre in my pocket without it!
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    wish it will
    probably not

    cut backs people! it's all about cut backs
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    Actually, the Pre 3 has the same height and similar thickness and width as the BlackBerry Torch 9800/9810, so the pocket pouch works PERFECTLY. It gives the Pre 3 as premium feel as opposed to the bad ones found on eBay.
    BlackBerry Torch 9800/9810 Leather Pocket, Black - RIM US
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    I use a slightly cheaper pouch, one with almost no branding that I want to customize some day. It was only 15 euros and it's a leather pouch. The Pre 3 does slide in a little bit stiff, but it's not stuck in it so it fits quite well.

    But does that Pre- pouch fit even the Pre 3? 'Cause the Pre 3 is bigger than the Pre-.
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    I used my Pre+ pouch with my Pre3 when I first got it--it fits, but sticks out of the top about a 1/2 inch.

    I found a good pouch case from Dicota that's for a Blackberry Torch 9800 (whose dimensions are almost identical to the Pre3). It's a hard leather case with both a pull tab and side cutouts; I find that it's easy to remove the Pre3, yet it won't fall out (at least, not after 3 weeks of use). The interior is lined with the same material you'd see on a cleaning cloth, which is good for the screen. The only downside is that it's expensive for a case--$25 at Amazon, as I recall. That said, it fits like it was made for the Pre3, and it really looks and feels great. I've also purchased a Skinomi screen protector--that's going to tighten up the fit a bit, but I won't know just how much until I get it installed later this week.

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    Great! I've been looking for this and a horizontal belt one also.

    has anyone tried out this one? (no clip on the back)

    PDair HP Pre 3 Leather Case - Vertical Pouch Type (Black)
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    I've been using one of these (the Grey one) with my Pre3: Palm Wool Pouch for Pixi Plus, Pixi - webOS Pocket Pouches - webOS Nation Store

    It even fits with the Mugen extended battery case on it! The best part is that it can be stretched a tad if it is too snug, and it has the Palm logo! (I also added a small carabiner to it.)
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    I have been sporting this one by Orkio for a while and im really happy with it:


    the rest of the line should also be ok, I got it for 6EUR in Cyprus
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    Quote Originally Posted by Manic View Post
    I have been sporting this one by Orkio for a while and im really happy with it:


    the rest of the line should also be ok, I got it for 6EUR in Cyprus

    Linkey no workey...
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    I got an excellent leather pull tab one from Phones4U in the Uk that fir's my pre perfectly. It's unbranded and is also avaialble in white.

    I'll find out what it is exactly and post it on here.
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    I bought this one and I really like it! INSTEN Black Soft Pouch for Apple® iPhone® 4S: Cell Phones & Accessories

    It's dirt cheap... yeah, it's not the nice fabric one that comes with the Pre, but it's a perfect fit for the Pre3

    It keeps it from getting scratched, but no other protection from drops or high impacts.
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    Hartmann U74310 Cellular Cases

    belting leather, beautiful, clips to belt or pocket is perfect for HP Pre 3 ...yes !!

    I also have a black one...

    Veer also snuggles down into it a little deeper...

    hartmann 34-1952-05
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