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    For me I guess the answer was June 6th.

    I'm guessing HP doesn't want to announce anything about the pre3 until after the TP launch, as it would draw attention away from it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aapold View Post
    For me I guess the answer was June 6th.

    I'm guessing HP doesn't want to announce anything about the pre3 until after the TP launch, as it would draw attention away from it.
    I can't believe that's their logic. The Pre3 and the Touchpad are certainly not substitute goods and in many ways are complementary. I for one am holding off on a Touchpad simply because I haven't heard if/when the Pre3 is coming to my carrier. For such a symbiotic pair of devices I would think the more likely reason for no info is they haven't got it finalized to the point where it can be publicly released yet.

    At least that's what I hope is the case...

    I would also second Mikest. At the end of the day I have no real need to upgrade other than my Pre-'s increasing hardware failures. If not for the virtual keyboard patch I would have no way to type A/S/Q/W/Z/orange button at this point. But the OS...still awesome.
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    While I have been waiting a loooong time for a decent phone (in my picky eyes) to hit Verizon, my patience is wearing most thin with respect to the release of the Pre 3 - which I have been following since its announcement. I still have an LG Dare for goodness sake! When one doesn't like Apple or care for Android... There's just not much left to choose from. I had hoped an updated WebOS phone would be it, but it seems to be taking forever. I think the Pre 3 would serve me well, so I am hopeful for a release sooner rather than later. If this fizzles for Verizon, I'm curse out of luck.
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    My 2 year old Sprint Pre still works fine and plus with my TouchPad coming the first of the month to entertain me, I will be fine until either Sprint or Verizon gets the Pre 3 in summer/fall.
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    I recently bought a Pre Plus to try out webOS and see if I should get a PRe 3 when it comes out or wait for the iPhone 5. I think I'll wait until the iPhone 5 is released to decide though.
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    I'll wait until the end of July. If nothing happens by then, I'll probably wait longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rei VI View Post
    I'll wait until the end of July. If nothing happens by then, I'll probably wait longer.
    same here...always waiting in webos land.
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    I am waiting for 7" TouchPad so probably til Aug.

    However, I might give up all if WP7 Mango device with vertical slider (i.e. Dell Venue Pro) launches first.
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    I gave up on the pre3 on sprint. It aint gonna happen. I'll hold onto my pre- until it dies. I have plenty of spare parts and recently got a new face to replace the missing charger door.

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    My two year old Pre- is in its final days. Just a matter of time when it dies.

    What occurs to me is that when HP got around to announcing the release date of the TouchPad, it was a mere three weeks away. So I won't be surprised if we get a short notice on the Pre 3 as well.

    Back to the question at hand - Depending on how well I like the TouchPad, I may end up waiting for the Pre 3. Even if it means finding a replacement Pre +/- if mine dies before then.
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    How long will I wait?

    Well, I'm done waiting. I've officially had enough.

    I have two Palm Pres on Sprint, both extremely customized and overclocked. I bought both the original launch date, and have replaced each phone over the years with new pres.

    It's time to replace them again, and I'm done waiting.

    Goodbye Sprint.
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    Just sold my iPhone 4 and Droid X for a Pre 2. After jailbreaking and rooting(+flashing custom roms), I've found that I just want a good UX above all else. Waiting for the Pre 3 for at least a few months.

    I'm encouraged by the fact that many new webOS buyers won't realize all the delays that went on, and will simply view the platform as brand new.
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    I'll be waiting until it is available on Sprint, or until my current (launch day) Palm Pre kicks the bucket. If my Pre dies before the Pre3 is available on Sprint then I will have to decide what is more important, a low monthly bill with unlimited data or webOS.
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    to answer the OP
    as long as my original pre- has NO problems!!
    only repaced once because got wet from toilet drop
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    I think I'm going to wait for the new iPhone to launch and then decide what I'm going to do. I've been a Palm user for about 6 years and have loved my Treos, and I love my Pre, but all this waiting is getting annoying. I've also fell in love with Apple's ecosystem. I stayed with Palm because I was on Sprint, but I've been thinking of switching to AT&T (horrible Sprint reception in my area) and there is the possibility of iPhone coming to Sprint.

    If none of that happens, I may end up going with Android, but I really don't wan to.
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    I still play with my sprint pre plus in the house. I do enjoy how simple it is to navigate and get things done. But i'll be honest, even the best apps on webOS pale in comparison to some of the most generic apps on android.
    When I was a webOS user, i'd probably argue that who needs apps, or apps are overrated.
    Well, thats probably because on webOS there werent any apps to miss or that were useful. on android there are countless official apps. When I say official i mean like State Farm, Sirius XM, insane google maps and other google apps(goggles), just about anyone has an actual anroid app that is both proffessional and appealing but also very very functional.
    Although some basic executions on android are more complicated than they should be,
    I still dont see myself going back until HP has full app support, and some seriously impressive hardware.
    So guess I'll be selling my Sprint Pre-plus, 5 batteries, and 6 touchstones this week.
    I'll still follow and wait to see what HP has coming,
    but to answer the thread... I will wait until about 3 weeks ago for the pre3. lol.
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    2 more weeks, or tomorrow (!) if my Pre reboots again at a bad time. ;-) It's been doing that for a few weeks now. The Evo 3D is really starting to "call my name"

    Come on HP "pull the trigger" and and announce something/ANYTHING!
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    I'm sort of thinking about waiting until next year and see what comes out
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    I had planned on waiting as long as it takes, but since receiving my TouchPad I've barely touched my phone. So instead I went and picked up a Veer. I do, however, have a second line on my account with an upgrade to burn that I'm saving for the Pre 3.
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    Originally, I would have said until all of my families contracts were up. Now that I have my TouchPad, it's anyone's guess. I can't figure out another phone that I'm willing to get.
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