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    This has been a thread I have been waiting for on this forum for a while, but it seems that it's not something that is going to be created so I will start it myself.

    I know there are a lot of individual threads here that have some useful info in them, but they are so spread out, and are often started as duplicate threads (like the "I spoke to a rep threads). Now I'm not saying the I talked to a rep info is info I dislike. I am actually excited to hear any miniscule info that I can find.

    Basically I fell this thread is just something that anyone who checks into the Pre 3 forum here for any news on a daily basis can go to as the quickest way to get an update if any.

    Now I personally have been unable to find anything new, just like I am guessing most of the other people on this forum, I Google search and check major tech sites for news almost every day.

    Now if anyone is curious I am someone who actually deviated from webOS for my first taste of iOS. Well needless to say I had the phone for a month returned it, and since have used android, and now windows phone 7, but I am really looking forward to a device with specs that can put it in a competitive position to be a powerful phone which I fell we have in the Pre 3 and cannot wait to be able to get my hands on one.

    Well there is my motivation for wanting this news, and creating this thread. I hope that people find this thread useful as a centralized place to post new info. Thanks for reading, and for future posts!
    GO BRONCOS!!!!

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    I'd rather have the info on separate threads instead of a single thread, because it makes it easier to find interesting information and disregard the rest. For example I think there are a lot of people who are interested in either UK / Germany release or US carrier bashing, but not both.

    I don't think it's too much to ask to read through list of unread topics on the Pre3 forum. There are just a handful of updated threads in a day anyway.
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    Has anyone received an email from HP per this site's reporting? I wonder how decides to whom to send these.

    HP Begins Reminding Users That The Pre 3 Is Still Coming [With A Release Announcement Hopefully Coming Soon, HP Has Begun Sending Pre 3 Reminder Emails Touting the "Cutting Edge" Smartphone]
    Published by Robert Nelson on 21 June, 2011 under Mobile/Cell Phones
    While HP failed to offer anything solid in terms of a release date or carrier information, they have begun sending out email reminders letting people know that the Pre 3 smartphone is still coming....

    HP Begins Reminding Users That The Pre 3 Is Still Coming [With A Release Announcement Hopefully Coming Soon, HP Has Begun Sending Pre 3 Reminder Emails Touting the "Cutting Edge" Smartphone] | TFTS
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    I used to believe in HP
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    I wouldn't expect to see any news from HP about the Pre 3 until after the launch of the Touchpad on July 1.
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    I suspect Pre3 info will be given during the launch event of the TouchPad - I am praying for a shocker that it will be released within days, but I doubt that- but I am quite suspect that info will be given at launch party- seeing as there are no other events lined up.

    I think I am going to be ordering a Pre2 off ebay and get myself and my wife a verizon lines set up with unlimited data- keep it a month or two off contract to see what happens with phones and the pre 3 - then either continue with sprint or leave and move everything fully to verizon.

    I use corporate email, thats 45/50$ for the lowest data plans on Verizon in their new system- same with my wife- no way I am going to them with that.
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    I heard from a friend, who talked with a sprint rep, who had information from H/P rep, that webOS is definitely coming to sprint and they are working out a deal, and it depends when the deal is done.
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