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    i totally agree with you itelli. i like the videos i have seen about the WP 7.5(mango).

    i am tired of the games Sprint and HP are playing. Sprint just say it isnt coming and HP , well sc r ew HP. i was getting a win 7 phone but now going to wait for win 7.5 (mango)
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    It's going to land on AT&T first, then maybe Verizon. I hopeing I would be able to get another Pre, but that's not going to be the case. I still hav the first Pre and love it, but it looks like my last. Hopefully within the next several months Sprint will get the iPhone.
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    FWIW, I was at Sprint Thurs and the manager answered with as much confidende as she could have that sprint was indeed getting the Pre3 and the TP this year. It was packaged to them as 'HP' releases ('what else could it be?' says Mgr).

    the catch,to no one's surprise, is that the date was 'either July or October.'
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    I sure hope that they get the Pre3. My Pre - just broke and I had to revert back to my Treo 800 until i can find a replacement Pre.
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    Edit: I realized my post was an off subject argument.

    As far as sprint goes, I would love to see the Pre 3 on sprint. I have had fairly pleasant experince with sprint and I get more for my money.

    I have a little less then a year left on my sprint contract and I do hope they decide to carry the pre3. I very much enjoy WebOS and may have to jump to AT&T if they don't.
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