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    Remember if you are a member of ANY labor union you also get 15% off with AT&T service.
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    A lot of things to consider here.
    Location - Obviously the top choice, if you get bad reception from one or the other (most likely verizon will always have better coverage). I would go for At&t for the HSPA+, if it isn't an issue.
    Discounts - Are you applicable for any? Do you have any currently? Go to talk to a rep from both stores, find out what you can.
    Plans - Find out what kind of plan you would end up on. I know that i was just upgraded to Mobile to Mobile for free for having Unlimited SMS (has to be over 500 Minutes) on At&t for free. See if either has any additional stuff you can get on your plans that aren't highly advertised. Also At&t has roll over minutes. Since we got that free Mobile to Mobile in addition to our roll over minutes, we were able to drop to 700 minutes from 1400 saving us 20 bucks a month.

    If your not concerned with any of that, At&t for HSPA+. That speed is amazing compared to 3G.
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    My money is on AT&T... But I won't be switching to anyone LOL.

    I caved and bought the Nexus S 4G on sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trek234 View Post
    Remember if you are a member of ANY labor union you also get 15% off with AT&T service.

    that's all / Hey don't get me wrong 15 % is much better than none, but - come on 15 % is not much when corporate plans are usually 20 % - 25 %
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    15% is good and it depends on how many devices the corporation has in order to get 20-25%. With 5 devices you get 8%,10% is like 20 devices, 50 or 100 is 15%, and so forth... 15% pretty much covers the taxes, regulatory fees and some. 15 is still better than 0, 8, or 10% ^_^

    And btw, for those who wants to check if your company has an employee discount through ATT, and your number can get a discount, here's the link:
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