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    Gotta love this, here I am a lousy 40 minutes east of Toronto, with a Rogers and Bell store in my town. Now I know that Bell is not getting the Pre3, Rogers got it. But get this, the local store, which did ZERO advertising for the Pre 2, and never even stocked the damn phone, is not even going to get the dummy phone for the Pre 3.

    But "we" should look at the Iphone or an Android phone, they are miles ahead of the HP/Palm product. In fact HP/Palm is just copying what the others have had for years.
    hmmmm And my wife wonders why I wont switch to Rogers.. gawd I hate stupid people.
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    I have a bell pre- and the only place I could find a pre2 was not in a rogers store but telephone booth had a dummy phone.

    I never saw one advertisement from rogers at all about the pre2, it wasnt even in future shop or bb at the rogers section.

    I have no idea how or why rogers in getting the pre3, the only thing i can think of is bell said no thanks becuase i think they got screwed on repairs for the pre-, i know i brought mine in twice in one year

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