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    I don't know the veracity of this - AT&T’s HP Pre 3 gets leaked, set to launch in July | Tech Cores Mobile

    Sorry folks, for stirring the pot -- In my excitement for SOME news, I didn't notice that this was from an old blog post likely derived from the earlier removed leak
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    Where are you getting the July 7th date for ATT? I don't see that mentioned in the article.
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    Where are the sources on this? that article, if you can call it that, has no sources what so ever. Not even a "insider" quote. Just absolutely useless
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    Not only does the article have no sources it never even mentions July 7th. This thread made my mother cry.
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    actually, above the title it links back to Pre|Central

    Here's the article link on P|C:
    I see pandas.

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