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    I cannot believe how basic logic skills elude Sprint users. The recent post about Skype and Pre3 release on VZW and AT&T has no mention of Sprint. Absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence. Perhaps it is launching on Sprint as well, but the tipster didn't have that information.

    This is getting ridiculous. "Pre3 in Germany"-> OMG no Sprint, kill self! "Pre3 in the UK"->OMG, no Sprint, kill self! "Pre3 in Canada"-> OMG, no Sprint, kill self! "Pre3 on VZW and AT&T"-> OMG no Sprint, kill self. "Pre3 on Sprint"-> OMG, I already killed myself.

    Btw, HP wants to build an ecosystem and have customers who buy into the ecosystem. If you would rather get Android on Sprint than get a Pre3 on AT&T or Verizon, YOU ARE NOT HP's TARGET AUDIENCE. You are the type of person who will jump ship once something newer or cheaper comes out. You have no loyalty to webOS. You are not invested in the ecosystem, and do not want to be. Not only that, but your cheap *** is not the type of customer that is valued. HP is building a premium product and will eventually be able to charge premium prices, like Apple. Why should they care about a few penny pinchers that have no loyalty to their ecosystem?

    Look, if you really want a Pre3 on Sprint, call up Sprint and HP and tell them you are willing to pony up extra cash to get it. You are willing to pay more per month than Verizon or AT&T because you like Sprint and like the Pre3. Of course, if all you care about is the cheapest plan possible, then what motivation do HP and Sprint have to bring you their products - they would rather give you the cheapest handset out there to go with your cheap plan because they know that you'll be happy just as long as your bill is low.

    Why should Sprint invest money on a phone for people who could care less about the phone, but will stay with Sprint no matter what because they are cheap? Sprint knows you will not leave, so there is no motivation for them to give you the Pre3.

    Threaten to leave Sprint for VZW if they don't carry the Pre3 and maybe you'll see some action. Until then, you guys are just digging your own grave.
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    at this time, it looks like the Pre3 will not be coming to Sprint. Also, i don't think if legacy Palm users "threaten" to leave Sprint that they will do something about it. If HP doesn't want the Pre3 on Sprint, or if Sprint decided to not pick it up will not change because of Palm users.

    Have folks seen the current WebOS install base - it's basically not even worth reporting the numbers it's so bad. So bad that HP has said they are looking at the TP, Pre3, Veer launches as brand new, not rolling releases based on previous versions of the OS.
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    To the OP:
    I thought us Sprint users knew how to rant & rave; but man you sound more upset at us, than we are at Sprint. This whole Pre 3 & Sprint situation is stressing too many people out. I think there's an epidemic going on within the webOS community, someone posted about it in another thread, I'll quote it below:

    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar View Post
    WebOSSillySeasonitis is a disease that afflicts many of us. It's a swelling of the brain caused by both excitement for new devices but a lack of anything actually happening.

    Symptoms include but not limited to:

    • Ridiculous nonsensical posts
    • Re-reading old articles about upcoming WebOS products, over and over again.
    • Begging Sprint Chat to confirm the exsistance of the Pre 3 on Sprint and claiming it God's word when they acquiesce.
    • Trying to shoehorn WebOS 2.1 on a Pixi out of desperation for some newness
    • Seeing signs of WebOS flourishing everywhere when it's just stuff about web

    If you suffer from one or more of these please take a deep breath, put all electronic devices down and take a nice walk outside for 10-30 minutes, longer when possible.

    I think I'll go for a walk myself
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    I think part of what is annoying the op is that it has been such a long time since a premier webos phone was released, those that are either already on AT&T, Verizon, or are more loyal to webos than sprint are trying to get excited about any news leak or tidbit about the release of the pre3, but everytime anything leaks or is posted it gets bombarded by people complaining about it not coming to sprint and it kinda puts a damper on trying to build up that excitement.
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    Well it's pretty much known that AT&T & Verizon are getting the Pre 3. Both a GSM only & GSM + CDMA world phone both passed through the FCC, and a photo of a Pre 3 running on Verizon was leaked a while ago. The only people who are unsure & waiting in anticipation are Sprint Pre - users.

    The Skype & Pre 3 leak for AT&T and Verizon doesn't necessarily rule out Sprint, but all signs are pointing to Sprint not getting the Pre 3.
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    There are way more stupid people on AT&T and Verizon than there are on Sprint, based simply on the fact that they have way more customers than Sprint.
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    Can you blame people? Based on the info we have the Pre 3 is pretty much guaranteed on AT&T and Verizon. Yeah, it could come to Sprint, but it's anyone's guess at this point.

    The reason people freak out is because we've seen the same crap before.

    Pre+? Skipped Sprint
    Pixi +? Same thing.
    Pre 2? Again, nothing on Sprint.
    Veer? You already know the answer.

    Sprint is still on the Pre minus, Palm couldn't even bother to give us the Pre+. Every new WebOS device leaves Sprint users getting their hopes up only to have Palm/HP kick us in the balls only to then run off to Verizon and AT&T.

    Yes, it could be entirely due to Sprint just flat out refusing any new WebOS phones, but it's the job of HP to convince Sprint that it's worth it, that their new phones don't share the same POS build quality and issues that the old ones had.
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    Strange how the top two carriers are picking up the webOS phones but Sprint is too good to. I'm sure Sprint will get a webOS phone. Just not the Pre 3.

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    People ranting and raving on web forums about inconsequential things makes me sooooo angryyyyy.... I must write a forum post about it.
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    I actually really agree with 1st post. I am too cheap (or smart) to leave if a great company is giving me a 27% discount plus an additional $20 off my bill every month for unlimited use of my smartphone.
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    Ummmm... I don't think anyone here wants to leave WebOS to go to Android. But we're all waiting for a new webOS phone on Sprint and nothing's happening. I think that those of us who don't want to change carriers for a Pre3 will eventually wind up going with Android because there are no new webOS phones on Sprint.

    I don't know whose decision it is, HP or Sprint, that the Pre3 isn't going to be available on Sprint as of yet, but
    lets look at common sense. First of all, the most devoted webOS followers are on Sprint. Who else
    would stick with a two year old phone even with all of
    it's flaws, just to wait for a newer version? Secondly,
    HP is in the business of selling products. It makes
    sense that they would have larger carriers, Verizon and AT&T, carry their product. But you have to wonder how many people are going to buy the Pre3 instead of the
    new Iphone or the newest Droid? Sprint doesn't care about devoted WebOS users because we're still paying them a monthly bill. They don't care what phone you're using as long as it's a smartphone and you're paying
    your bill. To them,it doesn't matter if you're using a Pre3 or Pre- or Evo or Blackberry, it's the same bill you're paying at the end of the day. What carriers want are customers and I guess HP doesn't think enough customers will buy their phones at Sprint. I'm sure this is flawed logic on their part because you on VZW and ATT, you have the Iphone to compete with. Also,the other Pre phones (Pre+, Pre 2 and Veer) were released on those carriers and if someone bought one of the newer phones, they're probably not going to buy the Pre3 because they'll have to pay full price for it.

    I think Sprint has the most to lose because they will actually lose customers. The really devoted webOS followers will leave Sprint to get the Pre3. VZW and ATT will gain a few customers, but overall sales will be terrible, as usual. Aside from the truly devoted webOS followers, I can't imagine many people switching companies just to get the Pre3. If they were willing to do that,they would have done it when the original Pre was competing with the iphone 3G.

    Those of us who can't afford to leave Sprint because they have multiple phone lines, like myself, or just don't want to leave Sprint, will probably just snatch up the Evo 3D. A few of us will leave Sprint to get the Pre3. And those few will be sorely disappointed when the apps never come and support gradually dwindles just like it did with the original Pre because, let's face it, this phone isn't going to sell well. I can't say this with certainty, but I'm sure each Pre phone sold less than the previous version. In fact, I bet the original Pre was the best selling Pre. And all of us Pre- minus owners would have gladly purchased the Pre3 for Sprint meaning HP would sell more units than they will on the other carriers. Sprint not only has the devoted webOS users, but they have less phones to compete with the Pre3. The Iphone alone is reason enough for the Pre3 to sell poorly. At Sprint, the main competition would be the Evo 3D which looks pretty awesome, but doesn't have the lure of the Iphone. I think this is a lose/lose/ lose situation for everyone. HP will not move as many units as they would like,Sprint will lose customers who care more about webOS than their carrier and those who purchase the Pre3 will lose because poor sales means less developers. So Pre3 owners will wind up in the same situation they found themselves in with the Pre-, limited apps and little support. If the Pre3 and TouchPad sell poorly, I wouldn't be surprised if HP sold webOS off to someone else to try to recoup their billion dollar investment. Because if the Veer's sales are any indication of webOS' direction, then it is definitely headed downhill.

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