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    Found this article to be interesting...

    Mysterious Sprint Exclusive HP Phone has 3D Capabilities? [Rumor] | webOSroundup

    -WebOS Sprint Phone
    -Virtual Keyboard
    -Front/Rear Camera
    -Slab Phone
    -SD Card Slot

    Coming August 15th, 2011

    Of course this is all rumor...take it with a grain of salt but it could be the reason we've heard NOTHING from Sprint
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    I honestly hope they don't call it the Pre 4 lol
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    So sad, I will be going to Verizon

    1) 3d is stupid
    2) I want a keyboard and a verticle one at that.

    so... thats why I love the Pre3 its the perfect form factor for me- I love the verticle slider and the pre is "workable" keyboard and screen size- so the pre 3 will only be better as its on both, somewhat bigger.

    Sorry sprint I dont want another slab phone...even if its webos... keyboard = me
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    I really have no need for 3d.. Like all the other specs. Hard to believe this rumor will pan out but maybe its because i have been down this road too many times before
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    I really want to believe this rumor, but seeing how Sprint usually announces their big devices months in advanced, I don't see this happening.

    -The Evo 4G was announced months in advance.
    -Kyocera Echo - months in advance.
    -Nexus S 4g - months in advance.
    -Evo 3D, announced months in advance.

    Heck, even the original Pre was announced for Sprint well in advance. If this rumor is true, we are less than 2 months away from Aug 15th, & we have heard nothing. We haven't even seen it pass through the FCC.

    I won't be holding my breath for this one. I think the next webOS device on Sprint will be the TouchPad.
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    I hope its not 3D, and I highly doubt the August date. I'm expecting end of year for the slab. I still would prefer a keyboard but I'll take anything on Sprint.
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    While its probably necessary for HP to have a slab device, I am also disappointed that there may not be a Pre 3/vertical slider on Sprint. I, like a few others here, am now out of my contract and I want a replacement for my original Pre. Looks like I have the tough choice of getting raped by Verizon or getting an Android on Sprint.
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    I want a pre 3, but if I have to use my upgrade I dont mind if the phones decent. I REALLY like my keyboard, but if it comes out and has fair specs I'll probably go with it if its my only option on Sprint. But I will miss my Pre- keyboard.
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    Is this what us SPrint users are now going to hang on to. Sorry folks but time to move on to Verizon or AT&T if you want Webos. I really did want to try the Pre 3 but also new it wasnt coming to Sprint. Again time to move on.
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    I don't want a 3D phone let alone one made by HP. The photo app on webos is less powerful than my old dumbphone which had zoom, filters, and camera options like contrast and white balance. Its very undeveloped compared to the other platforms. This sounds like HP throwing together a gimmick phone to appease Sprint who seems interested in selling these types of phones. Look at the Echo. Its already priced at $99 and that was a flagship phone for them back in April. I hope this isn't true. It would be a big blunder for HP. I'd rather them flesh out webos with things like an updated email, maps, and camera app rather than a 3D phone. Leave that stuff to HTC. I'd rather have a keyboard but if a slab is my only Sprint webos option(if I'm still there), then I'll take it.
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    I dont want a KB less phone.
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    3D FTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smartfah View Post
    ... we have heard nothing. We haven't even seen it pass through the FCC...
    RIght, and I think every phone released since I started paying attention shows up in the FCC docs to closer to launch than 4 weeks. So if this rumor is true, then it will hit FCC no later than mid July. Which would be soon enough to give all the current Sprint webOS folks something to be excited about just before the Pre 3 shows up on ATT & Verizion.
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    Blah.... I want a physical keyboard....
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    I'm pretty much of opposite wants than most others here. I am tired of the portrait slider. I've had my Pre for nearly 2 years and had a Samsung dumphone portrait slider for 2 years before that. 4 yrs of portrait sliders and I want something different. I want a slab. I honestly could care less about 3D on a phone but it wouldn't be a breaking point for sure. I for one was very disappointed when the Pre3 was announced and still am. Sprint is where I'm staying and if a slab webOS phone hits, I'll take a look at it.
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    I would welcome this. Of course I also believe the August 15th date would be nothing more than a product announcement. It wouldn't ship until six months later in December. This is webOs after all.
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    Maybe with the new TouchPad trademarks and the fact that this phone will be a slab, could it be the fabled TouchPad Go?
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    yeah im in the same boat as most (though I have been using a HTC Arrive since it launched recently). I was hoping for the Pre3, still may come may not, and even maybe this one too. Bottom line is people I no longer have the patient to wait to see what sprint will carry regarding webos, even if announced tomarrow. This has been dragged out for so long, and I like so many others have had the first Pre on launch day on sprint too. I say honestly go and look for a device thats out, or confermed coming out and come back to webos once its established in the basic device cycle again.
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    No hardware KB, bye Sprint...
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Hi all,

    My only complaint is that I want a keyboard...that is what makes a Palm/HP a smartphone! take care,

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