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    I know People are upset there may be no Pre3 on sprint. But I have a unconventual solution. On Att and Vzw they have plans for the Deaf and hard of hearing. So if you dont use the phoen for voice or if skpye is truly voip then you can have a pre3 rather cheaply on the carriers. Or just use you sprint pre to forward calls to your skpye number and it rings your att and vzw phone

    the Verizon plan is 54.99 for unlimted data and messaging

    Text Only Plans, Messaging Plans | Verizon Wireless

    The At&t plan is $45 for 2gb and unlimited messaging

    Hearing Aid Compatibility and wireless phones - AT&T wireless services
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    Wow. That VZW plan is more than I'm paying right now (after taxes and fees!) on Sprint for unlimited text and data, N&W at 7, 750 anytime minutes, and equipment replacelement insurance.

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