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    Seen prices @ Clove Technology (

    Pre3 300 w/o VAT, 360 with VAT, on pre order

    Pre2 265 w/o VAT, 325 with, think these prices are right for the pre2 going from memory, should come down once the 3 starts moving.

    Having probs with the works comp (servers on a go slow) so can't put up any links!

    Ohh, and hello everyone
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    Hello and welcome to this awesome forum. Glad you decided to stay!!!

    Nice find. It seems that the UK pricing and release dates are leaking out. All of them say mid July which is a few weeks after the TouchPad. Seems like we are going to get the Pre3 and the TouchPad around the same time after all! Thanks for the post

    This is my 999th post lol
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    I can trust in this store?

    Because I really don't like to use my CCI directly, without paypal support...

    Best Regards...
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    Sorry about that being the first post, after looking at the title again it looked like i was advertising for them!

    They are a company that i first saw through smartphone guru's when I had a winmobile phone, always check back with them as they seem quiet good on prices and their phones are always unlocked and normally shipped with uptodate software......

    Why does this sound like an advert again lol

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