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    Data is unlimited when you buy a goodybag.

    Unlimited Data With giffgaff goodybags |

    I get the 10 one every month. 250mins, unlimited texts & data.
    Can't beat it. If you can...let me know
    Hopefully it is... looks like when you click through to 'more info on pricing' it must have the info for just PAYG then... guess as that's before the phone comes out anyway can't hurt to order a sim and wait a few weeks to find out for sure.
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    The limited time unlimited data and 100MB daily limit are for PAYG user only
    There are no such limit if you buy a goodybag
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    GiffGaff -

    10 a month.....

    250 mins - any uk network
    Unlimited Texts - no limit
    Unlimited internet - Says on the site, truely unlimited.

    - Runs on O2s network, so good coverage.
    - Cheap
    - Sims work in any network locked phone!

    I've downloaded over 1.4GB of data on my iPhone 4 this month so far and no problems with them , take a look at
    SB =================================================================
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    The best thing about GiffGaff by far...

    Get Involved With Giffgaff And Earn Payback |
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    The best deal depends on a) your 3G data usage versus how much you use Wifi and b) the 3G coverage in your area(s). I tend to mainly use Wifi for data as I have Wifi both at home and at work so only use 3G for travelling. Monitoring my 3G use shows I only use about 300-400MB data a month (this covers synergy, email, app udates etc). The best 3G coverage where I live is easily Orange (can't get 3G at all with O2 or Vodafone) so I've gone for an Orange 5 contract with a 500MB data bolt-on costing a total of 10 a month. Much better than the 30 a month O2 Pre contract I started with....I'd go for Giffgaff if they used the Orange network though.
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