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    Wow, that camera on Pre3 is really, really good for a smartphone camera. I'm so excited. I did look at the EXIF data and it is indeed from the Pre3. *IMPRESSED*
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    I had a Pre+ and actually found the camera quite good in natural light conditions. Now, I'm expecting the Pre3 to take substantially better pics than the Pre+ espcially indoors. Currently using the N8 so I am downright spoiled when it comes to a camera inside a phone I will admit. Not spoiled with the software though.
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    what makes you think its pre-3?
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    The original Pre doesn't have to take bad photos. I'd like to know why the OP feels it's a Pre3 that took the linked picture, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkhanmd View Post
    what makes you think its pre-3?
    Quote Originally Posted by EvilKell View Post
    The original Pre doesn't have to take bad photos. I'd like to know why the OP feels it's a Pre3 that took the linked picture, too.
    It's in the EXIF data. Download the full-size version of the photo and then Get Info (or Properties if you're on a PC). "Device type = Pre3."
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    You know, I am really impressed with the Pre3's camera. It takes great pictures with just the correct amount of contrast and brightness to make one really great looking photo. This will easily replace my stand alone camera. Now what I want to see is how to audio will sound. It has dual microphones and a great camera so I have high hope for great 720p video.
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    yep its absolutely a Pre 3, taken yesterday at 5:23 pm. Picture looks pretty decent. I'm spoiled by my SLR but thats pretty good for a phone.
    exif data below, more than you wanted to know.
    ApertureValue 2970854/1000000
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    Man though! Were are all these Veer Mini Coppers?!!?! There are about a hunderd of us PreCentral forumees who would buy one!
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    The full sized image is very good for a smartphone, no doubt. While I would definitely not plan to replace my point and shoot for important or probably lower light indoor shots at restaurants/bars, the Pre3's camera would seem to be a pretty nice upgrade from what I'm currently using in my Pre (which is to be expected).

    I'd estimate this shaded area in the Pre3 image would probably work best at an ISO 400 setting on my point and shoot, and that's one of the lighting spots my Pre seems to struggle with. While I do see quite a bit of noise in the image's darker areas, the image is sharp with seemingly good color balance for a phone. The image processor seems to have handled the jaggies pretty well too.

    I'd love to see how the Pre3 camera stacks up against the competition when put through a series of controlled tests. From what I've seen here, I'd have to imagine it will do pretty well.
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    Now if Sprint would open their eyes for a bit and get the Pre3......... Really nice pic.
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    The true test is in the low light situations. Any camera can look decent with enough light. I hope pre3 has a sensor as good as IP4... But something tells me that they didn't deliberately go out of their way to use a very sensitive sensor... Hope I'm wrong!
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    (31st May)Lillies shot looks great. Is that the autofocus that makes the difference?

    (15th June)Bestbuy shot doesn't look too hot. Low light?
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    Wow the lillies look amazing!
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    For those wondering, there are several other Pre 3 shots (in low light and of decidedly lower quality)in Kerris's twitpic feed
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    Quote Originally Posted by PatBateman View Post
    Wow the lillies look amazing!
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    Well, asking a smartphone camera to do anything beyond ISO 400 lighting is going to produce a very noisy image. Even many point and shoots don't handle anything beyond ISO 800 very well.

    The camera on a smartphone is going to be a compromised affair, especially with the small lens sizes. I would say the other photos on Kerris' blog taken in low light are far superior to what my Pre would have produced, but it's tough to say unless you're running back to back.
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    I want the pre3 camera to be as good as (or better than) IP4's. IP4 has a very nice sensor that seem to be unmatched by other makers. Let's just assume the outdoor/bright situations will turn out very nicely. I just want the pre3 pics to show nicely on FB when I take pics indoor sat at work, in restaurants, at clubs (okay that's pushing it), without excessive grain that pre1 produces. In that regard IP4 does a great job.
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    I REALLY want this to have a great camera so Myriam can't ***** about it.

    So, how does his Pre 3 pic compare to 2D pics out of the Evo 3D or the Galaxy S II?
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