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    Why is the Pre3 already falling behind the specs of the competitors.
    I'm sure this has been discussed already but I need to get it out of chest.

    It is already the underdog, a lot of people doesn't know about it, why not include the latest technology on it so it can stand out?

    Look at the Motorola Atrix:
    1GHz Dual Core
    Fingerprint recognition technology (not necessary but cool)
    Combined 48GB
    qHD screen 960 x 540
    1930 mAh Battery (= 9 hours )

    The HTC Sense:
    1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon
    1080p HD video recorder

    LG Optimus 3D and HTC Evo 3D:
    3D LCD capacitive touchscreen
    Dual 5MP cameras

    Nokia N8:
    12 MP camera

    iPhone 5 [or 4S]
    Likely to sport 64GB and HDMI port

    I see No Reason for getting a Pre3 over the Pre2 neither I get what all the fuzz is about.
    The Pre3 looks practically the same, 0.48 bigger screen, same storage, same RAM (512 Mb is old news now), same MP camera, small battery (considering faster processor and higher resolution screen).
    Plus single core processor, 0.4 MHz faster, but the Pre2 is also 0.4 MHz faster than the original Pre(+) and is not that much of a difference, I still hate how it stalls when sending a message or scrolling contacts and the call log .

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a WebOS fan and it is by faaar the best. But I like to have the top of the line tech, and this is just not it.
    I'm also sick and tired of looking at "available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia" line and now put up with old hardware.
    They better come up with a "Pre4" by Christmas
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    Haven't palm products never been on the leading edge?

    In any case, what I want is a phone that fits in my pocket, is able to access the net, have an email inbox, good battery life, and actually has an OS which doesn't keep screwing me with a 'home button'.

    The Palm Pre fulfils all that. (except battery life) and I really would be happy with my current Pre Plus except that it keeps touching itself.

    So yes, I fall into that market which the Pre 3 is being pushed into.
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    as many people know and have said already... in this day and age, function over specs.

    iphones homehomehome button, flick to app u want to use, tap to activate

    (from a very brief, very early (1.2) android affair) home button, tap apps menu, scroll to find app, tap app.

    webos, leave app open, swipe a couple times to get there

    as code optimization comes, the better platforms that have evolved with demand will survive, and there wont just be only one.
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    Are we playing top trumps. You can't just pull out the standout figures from different handsets and expect the Pre 3 to win at everything. Making a good phone is about careful trade offs. If you put a more pokey chip and bigger screen in it you need to have a bigger battery, hence bigger phone and probably have to loose the keyboard to keep it manageable. That's fine, but the result is a totally different phone form factor(i.e 4inch slab). Would you argue the Veer needs a 3D screen and 1930mAh battery, no, because it wouldn't be a small smartphone anymore. The Veer may not be for you (or me), but it can't be everything.

    The DPI on the Pre 3 screen is only slightly lower than the Atrix.
    Who needs dual 5MP cameras?
    I don't want a 3D phone, and I suspect very few people do.
    16GB storage is more than enough for most people.
    iPhone5 - How can you compare it to an unannounced product. That makes no sense.
    The Qualcomm MSM8x55 chip is one of the very latest chips. BTW.
    512Mb RAM may be old news, but I have never once run out of RAM on my Pre2. What is it that you want to do that requires more?

    I do appreciate the pent up demand for a slab phone for a certain group of users. That's a perfectly request and I hope HP will step up and deliver that for you. The Pre 3 is not and was never intended to be that phone.

    If you cant see a reason to get the Pre 3 over the Pre 2, get the Pre 2. If you want to see more apps, get an iPhone or Android. You pays yer money and you takes yer choice. If you want to have the best OS out there, your going to have to compromise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soltrance View Post
    same storage, same RAM (512 Mb is old news now)
    How much *wasted* RAM would you like?
    People started ca 50 apps before the Pre+/Pre2 ran out of RAM.
    You're unlikely to ever have more than 5 running.

    So adding more RAM would only increase costs but not get you any advantage - there would only be an additional 512 MB of *unused* RAM.

    Quote Originally Posted by soltrance View Post
    small battery (considering faster processor and higher resolution screen).
    Possibly - but not necessarily a problem. We'll have to see how much the new hardware needs.

    Us geeks here worry about specs. To most users these specs mean almost nothing. They buy products based on how it handles, feels in hands, looks, has the functionality they look for.

    Macs tend to be underspecced (compared to other available computers available at the same time) - didn't keep people from buying them.

    The only spec I worry about is battery life.
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    Ask uncle Steve about specs and he'll tell you that specs are irrelevant in the post-pc era and that you're just living in the world of yesterday. It's the experience that counts.

    And for once, he's actually right with his propaganda: the Pre3 is as fast as an Evo3D (which I can totally see, my friend's Galaxy S being about the same speed for most tasks as my overclocked Pre+), what do I care about the processor. Just look at the Veer. It's insides are pretty much a HTC G2 and it's MUCH quicker than that phone.

    and I'd still say that Android is severely outdated. Have you ever used it? It feels so old and clunky to use when compared to the slickness of webOS.
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    To add to that, I never ran out of memory on my Pre Plus either. (512mb)

    Not even when my phone has been touching itself the entire night and must have opened so many apps/browser windows I shuuder.

    By the way, anyone notice that having all these fancy features will raise the cost of the phone? A Palm Pre for the price of an iphone (or anyone of the high end HTCs) is not funny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GodShapedHole View Post
    Just look at the Veer. It's insides are pretty much a HTC G2 and it's MUCH quicker than that phone.

    and I'd still say that Android is severely outdated. Have you ever used it? It feels so old and clunky to use when compared to the slickness of webOS.
    what? Oh my things move fast don't they... I thought the HTC Desire Z (The 'real' model behind the T-mobile G2) was rather fast. I bought it for my dad and had some time messing with it.

    But yeah, android is clunky.... though I'd say the same of iOS. Nokia's symbian is by far the worst though.
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    Yeah,I wish HP made it dual-core. Then it would be the fastest smartphone not on the market.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatfool View Post
    what? Oh my things move fast don't they... I thought the HTC Desire Z (The 'real' model behind the T-mobile G2) was rather fast. I bought it for my dad and had some time messing with it.
    Anandtech makes a point of expressing how much better the Veer performs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soltrance View Post
    Plus single core processor, 0.4 MHz faster, but the Pre2 is also 0.4 MHz faster than the original Pre(+) and is not that much of a difference
    You mean 0.4GHZ - 400MHZ? Also, you can't compare processors just by speed they run. Dual core doesn't guarantee automatically better performance.

    IMHO, HP should optimize damn OS to eliminate glitches you are talking about.
    If they can't manage scrolling speeds for call log or contacts, they should dump contact pictures in it. SMS app is also screaming for re-write. Simple pumping of CPU speed will not fix all glitches in OS (its related to Android too).
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    With smartphones, aint we still in that era when dual cores are being sold but the code to make use of them still aint there?

    Much like with PC's some years back back when the single core was still the fastest. Or is dual-core code already implemented fully?

    Getting a phone with similar specs to iPhone but at 2/3 of price that is running webOS seems great to me. However, im sure some people who aint familiar with webOS might look away.

    Bit sad that Palm always was a bit behind when it came to specification, it didn't matter that much unless you tried to take a photo but im sure things will improve once HP get's their first generations out there and starts working on the next.
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    Your comparison is not really balanced, because you're not mentioning the price.

    Atrix: ~600€
    HTC Sensation: ~650€
    Optimus 3D: ~550€
    Nokia N8: ~350€

    Pre3: ~400€

    All prices taken from

    You see, the Pre3 is the cheapest phone, aside from the N8, but, well, it has Symbian
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    CPU: It really doesn't matter. The OS / apps have to run smoothly and supposedly they do on the Pre3 (and Pre2). Even the "fastest" Android phones stutter.

    RAM: 512MB is enough. There's no need to add more, it would only make the phone more expensive.

    Fingerprint: Nice, but this is more of a gimmick than an actual mainstream useful feature, at least in my eyes.

    Storage: I personally wish the Pres/Pixis would be expandable with microSD cards, but I think 8 or 16 GB is enough, unless you're carrying around several HD movies. Again it would also make it more expensive.

    Resolution: Doesn't really matter. DPI is more important. I think the recognizable difference between the Pre3 screen and the Atrix screen is negligible (not taking screen technology into account). Also screen size is a matter of personal preference. For me ~3.5" is the sweet spot.

    Battery: we'll see what the real life performance of the Pre3's battery will be. No need to hate it already. Again mAh is just a number, it matters how efficiently the OS handles power consumption.

    1080p recording: Nice, but not everyone needs that. Adds costs.

    3D: see Fingerprint

    Camera: Megapixel is only a number and says nothing about the picture quality. Surely the Pre3 camera will not be the best, but it will suffice. Again it would add costs. People who need (for whatever reason) a high MP camera in their smartphone may look elsewhere, it's good to have choices

    iPhone 5: we know nothing about iPhone 5, no need to speculate.

    In conclusion: I don't think the Pre3 is already outdated. It is also cheaper than the phones you mentioned. Sure, these are phones that are superior in some spec, but unfortunately one just can't have everything. Also, the Pre3 is marketed more towards the business user, so I guess HP felt no need to add 12MP cam, 3D and 1080p recording. But don't get me wrong, all those features are nice to have, but all those things you mentioned do not automatically make a good smartphone.

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    I think you'll find, for most phone tasks and OS's, that a 1.4GHz single core processor is going to be faster than a 1-1.2GHz dual core. It will likely also use less power. Phones just aren't really multi-threaded. That may change in a year or so, but so will the available hardware. Why jump now on that 1.2GHz dual core when 2GHz quads will be out this time next year!? Chasing the bleeding edge of tech is stupid. I've been there...done that...wasted a *bleep*load of money only to find out that there is a better way: get what has good performance for the money at the time of purchase and enjoy.
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    i have to second here how ridiculous i think it is to pull arbitrary bleeding edge features of other gadgets that all for themselfs have lacks on the other mentioned specs and expect from the pre3 it has to be superior on a single one of them to not be outdated.

    aside from that i have to second that specs come in handy when all other things are said and done and there is nothing left to tell one gadget from another, which i consider being the downside of the android ecosystem.

    i looked at a symbian touch screen phone the other day which my friend bought and expected it to behave glitchless just concentrating on the menues and the touch functionality and i was struck by how bad it was done. even though webos stutters here and there as a tribute to the multi threaded openness compared to the absolute and always realtime ui of ios, webos is the major "spec" and all the rest has to play nicely along to be an attracktive package and if you dont stumble over too many bugs in it the product is unbeatable
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    You forgot the front facing camera.
    BTW, as a big fan you should that it's spelt webOS, small w, ;-)
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    did you know the HTC sense can open mutiple pages?! That's awsome...wait a minute, I can do that on my pixi. A friend of mine recently told me how great it was to run multiple apps on his iphone4 using double tap, scroll, select, and a couple of magic incantations. So I made him jelous by telling how I overclocked my pixi My point is everything has trade offs. There are a few things that I really like about the iphone, for instace 32gb. But I like webOS. The fact that Apple and Andriod are still figuring out multitasking puts webOS years ahead of them.

    I am hopeful that HP will take webOS to new heights. They brought webOS back from the grave and they have the resources to do awsome things. I really think the veer and pre3 are to test the waters and get webOS back on the market.

    those phones mentioned are "cool", but they lack something... WebOS!

    how cool would a HTC Sense be with WebOS?
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    My suggestion would be to just go buy a feature phone, which surely won't be outdated by the next feature phone, and go buy yourself a nice tablet.

    I get your drift, but no sense in getting yourself up in a knot about it. The phone isn't even out yet.....let's save the complaining about how bad it is until after you've actually used it and seen for yourself

    As for Pre4..... rumor has it after 3 there will be no more. Guess we'll just have to wait and see (after all we're getting pretty good at that one) what comes out in the coming months
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    Quote Originally Posted by soltrance View Post
    Look at the Motorola Atrix:
    Fingerprint recognition technology (not necessary but cool)
    From an Atrix review

    "To be honest its a bit too small and works on limited occasions so I can’t recommend it."
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