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    Quote Originally Posted by Malkozaine View Post
    If your insider is so good then when is Sprint getting the Galaxy S II phone?

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    Didn't ask him about that phone because I have no interest in it....
    If "If's" and "But's" were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprintguy1376 View Post
    Android is a horribly overrated operating system.
    I agree and disagree.

    Neither Android nor iOS can live up to the hype and marketing.

    webOS could live up to whatever marketing HPalm would put other there, but unfortunately they have chosen the "soft launch" approach and are not getting any marketing out there (we went from "creepy girl" with the Pre to "creepy boxer" for the Veer).

    The unfortunate thing is that while webOS could live up to the marketing, the hardware never could and it was the terrible hardware that got reported everywhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprintguy1376 View Post
    I really can't wait to ditch this Epic 4G for the Pre 3 though. Android is a horribly overrated operating system.
    Amen. I cannot say how dissatisfied I am with the Epic.

    Quote Originally Posted by spudland View Post
    My insider at Sprint told me that Verizon is getting an exclusive on the Pre 3 and that Sprint will be getting it in January! I hope he's wrong....but he's been right in the past.
    My Gold period isn't up until November. I can live another couple months. It sucks, and I feel for others, though.
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    My insider says ATT will be lowering current plans in addition to more options and removing their data caps once the tmo deal is finalized (within the coming months before or around Thanksgiving).
    My insider says Sprint's argument for lack of innovation is irrelevant because att will be upgrading to lte, which is to be completed around 2015.
    My insider says that sprint is worried about now and the future because of the technologies they chose to support. With verizon already migrating away from cdma and into lte the preferred next gen band of major wireless providers, along with current technology of hspa+ for att & tmo with speeds comprable to wimax with the kicker being simultaneous voice/data, sprint is worried about losing $$$ both from profits and investors. My insider did say that if it were not for verizon's decision to not support svdo they wouldn't be in this predicament with hspa+. I don't know anything about that, but I believed my insider. It doesn't matter to me anyway.
    My insider states that sprint is unsure of their next move as they are not willing to gamble with their partners, ie no new windows phones, hp phones. Rim is still a major player for them because of the government and corporate contracts especially for their BES. My insider has stated that even though Sprint lost major service provider contracts to Verizon, the adoption of lte by the other major carriers makes wimax very appealing for the government, department of defense, feds, etc. since they want to be separate. This coupled with the uncertainty of lightsquared's interference with gps signals is the reason sprint has not taken a solid position of it's future technology. He did say that he wouldn't be surprised if the he saw att or verizon provide gps service to say garmin, tom tom, etc. I wanted to know more about this, but my insider stopped and ended the conversation quickly. Hmmm, interesting.
    Going back to the gamble, my insider stated that no partnership ties have been severed yet and that sprint's stance is basically 'Let me see what you can do first, then I'll make the decision'. Of the top major wireless providers in the US sprint is focused on current revenue regarding service and sustaining it. My insider stated that sprint is skeptical on the hardware front as they come and go frequently and are interested in platforms that sell now and have a proven track record, hence droid. To me this is nothing more than catch 22. Then again this is my take as a consumer, my insider's position is obviously way up there with better views.
    What about apple? My insider said there was talks but apple was not impressed with sprint's stage and sprint not liking or unable to meet apple's partnership pricing.

    So although sprint may not have certain devices, their belief in digital data transfer being the biggest service that consumers use anyway as opposed to voice (which will will evolve digitally to voip) are banking that their mobile broadband services will be the vehicle to get them through the tough times until their future is clear. To me they have the most attractive plans. My insider has stated that sprint will not be able to play the pricing game for too long. My insider has stated that it is evident as competing prices are falling, while sprint is begining to increase.

    BTW my insider does not work for a wireless provider like sprint, att, verizon, etc. but has a career in the wireless field for a major corporation and has a significant position there. My insider stated that by the time the public gets the news it's already old. How old? My insider did not say.
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    For now, I am too tired to thing hard and put the blame on someone. It is what it is, and the fact of the matter is that all carriers (except 'maybe' TMobile) will get the Pre3. AT&T and Verizon will get it for sure at launch and Sprint might get it then as well but if not, will be getting it a few after. That being said, everyone will be able to get the Pre3 this year and if you aren't able to because your on Sprint, then your free to sue me.... jk
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    Quote Originally Posted by GodShapedHole View Post
    True. I don't think I've ever heard about any other product EVER where people returned it over and over again because of tiny flaws like 1mm 'oreo' (when the term 'oreo effect' originally meant to be able to twist the top half around by something like 20, which really is grounds for returning).
    Actually, I can name two, both of which were sold by Sprint: The HTC Touch Pro and the Touch Pro2. They sold a lot of Touch Pros, much to their dismay with the ridiculous return rates. THEN, once the Touch Pro2 was available, Sprint didn't even want to tell customers they had it. The hardware was slightly better, but Microsoft let the OS rot, so it sucked just as bad when things went wrong.

    And yes, I've owned both. My third Touch Pro has just as much "Oreo" as some Pres that I've seen. My GF's launch Pre doesn't have any oreo, but her case cracked at the USB port, and now is causing all sorts of issues, so she's DYING for the Pre3 launch on Sprint. She has to take that thing to the store once a month, and now it's not even trying to charge.

    FWIW - I have a Pre2 that I love, but this is the third. My first TWO had hardware issues. First one died a fiery death on the Touchstone, the 2nd had a flaky antenna that wouldn't lock GPS, or connect to bluetooth or wifi. Both dead within the first 5 days, brand new, not refurbs.

    EVERY manufacturer is subject to some shaky QC from time to time. Some more than others, but it comes with the territory.
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