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    I have noticed that many of the Droid phones on the Sprint network are able to act as a hotspot for up to 3 devices. This is attractive as the data plans are unlimited. This would allow you to not pay for a separate data plan if you purchase the Touchpad.
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    there will be a tether fee if they do allow it
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    With Freetether, yes.
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    yes u can add free tether from preware... but u may not want to beta test it. wait a few weeks or so in case software issues come up with the new os
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    It would be the biggest crapper if we can't do "free" tether on pre3. One of the reasons why I still use pre- despite the sucky hardware is b/c of mobile hotspot. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the dang thing when I'm stuck at the airport from a delay.
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    Your airport doesn't offer free WiFi?
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    I sometimes transfer at DFW. Before tethering my Pre- I hated to have to pay a fee for a few hours of access. Much of my continental travel is on trains where it is possible to be tethered for most of trip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    Your airport doesn't offer free WiFi?
    I'm sure there are a bunch but for me, Pittsburgh is the only airport that I've come across in America with free wifi. Why give it away when there's money to be made from all the stranded ppl or business travelers that needs to reply to an email right?

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