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    I have a pre- that is in great shape. It was a TEP replacement about 2 months ago. I dropped it yesterday and it is no longer working. Took it to Sprint and they may have to replace which will cost me $100.00 for the insurance deposit. I think I will just buy a new phone. I wish Sprint/HP would let us know if we are going to get the Pre 3 so that I can make a great decision. I am so tired of them being vague which makes me think that even if I get the Pre 3 they will be vague about something else later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hrminer92 View Post
    Why not find a local replacement via craigslist or some other classified ad and then get it activated with your account?
    I believe they mean that they don't want to reroot, patch and customize. I feel their pain because I went through like 5 pres and finally got fed up and bought a cheap used android phone on ebay (samsung moment) to hold me over till I upgraded. Believe me when I say that I miss my pre sooo much everytime I pick this phone up... I liked webos a lot and it served me well but HP has lost me. 2 weeks till I get my hands on my EVO 3D! I can't wait.
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    Sorry guys, I am done with the waiting game. I am a 6-06-09 launch day, waited in line for 6 hours (loyal owner). I have 3 Pre-s, and have 5 Touchstones. There have been no leaked viable rumors of Sprint receiving a HP\Palm WebOS phone. I have a Sprint Premier account (12+ years), and I had already burnt one upgrade waiting on new rumored hardware (c40). I really want to wait and hope something lands on Sprint, but I cannot. My Pre-‘s are still doing ok! However, HP\Palm have neglected to fix bugs and updates to their legacy hardware. I am a true ******, have done a FrankenPre, 2.1’d my Pre-, and Prewared the heck out of my devices. However these are things that I really should not need to do (but thoroughly enjoyed). I really want to update my 3 Sprint lines with replacement WebOS (Pre3) phones. In addition I wanted to buy 2 Touchpads. However now that may not happen either. See you need a companion device like a Veer, or a Pre3 for Touch to Share, SMS, and Video Chat. Nowhere did they say legacy devices will support some of these pairing features. So it looks to me that I will be starting to jump ship to the “Dark Side”. What I mean by starting? Like I said, “ I have 3 lines”. All 3 are due for upgrades. I Pre-ordered (pun intended) the EVO 3D, not a big fan of monster phones or Android. However there are not very many options on Sprint. I will kick the tires and see how it goes.
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    I have 5 lines on Sprint (10 + years), 2 Pre's since day one. I'm now shopping around, I'm not waiting any longer. It will not be on sprint either. Thanks HP and Sprint - you suck.
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    I don't blame Sprint......think of all the hassle and costs they have incurred for carrying the Pre. My launch day EVO is rock solid my launch day Pre- has been replaced 8 times.

    Its HP/Palms fault for not making good with the carriers. That's why nobody is pushing or carrying the Pre2.

    I hope Sprint is carrying the Pre3, they should and it should be becuase HP is going to be a good partner and stand behind their product.

    Why sell a product that breaks and needs to be constantly replaced when plenty of other phones work 95% out of the box........thats just plain good business sense, don't blame sprint.
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    Screw HP
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    Quote Originally Posted by renegadepre View Post
    Screw HP
    As much as I don't like to agree with you, there is truth in it. Sometimes I feel HP doesn't care about us. May be we should move on to the other platform.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bludragn View Post
    I still my pre-, only replaced once and still no issues. If all holds I will be ready for the 3, I'm sorry for you all that have the issues with a 600.00 release phone, but like all other pro's and cons, I made sure to take care of such an expensive phone and if I can't afford the 3 then I will have to wait even longer
    You mean like those of us who had problems with our phones the first time we tried to use them? I'm glad you were one of the people who didn't experience problems with their Pre. There are a very large percentage of people who have never experienced problems with their phones prior to getting the Pre only to discover non working speakers, volume and and power switches that fell apart within days of getting their phone, splitting keys, cracks starting at the USB ball, and a host of other issues.

    The Pre was built like a piece of junk, but some people are going to have a positive experience with the reliability of the phone by chance. Like Jaguar said when Ford took them over. "We made a good car every day, we just don't know which one it was."
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchmasta View Post
    I believe they mean that they don't want to reroot, patch and customize. I feel their pain because I went through like 5 pres and finally got fed up and bought a cheap used android phone on ebay (samsung moment) to hold me over till I upgraded. Believe me when I say that I miss my pre sooo much everytime I pick this phone up... I liked webos a lot and it served me well but HP has lost me. 2 weeks till I get my hands on my EVO 3D! I can't wait.
    I got fed up after getting this 5th Pre and just decided to live with a phone that has a non-working headset speaker. I've been exclusively on bluetooth and speaker phone for almost a year now. I was expecting a new phone to be released last year on Sprint. I was expecting the Pre2, then by the time the Pre2 was available, the Pre3 was announced. Now we see the Pre3 confirmed and launching in Germany with nothing even remotely solid about the Pre3 availability in the U.S. It looks just like the Pre2 all over again. Maybe the Pre3 will come to Verizon as a soft launch in January next year?
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    This thread points to a possible release of the Pre 3 in July:

    Take this, as with all rumors, with a grain of salt. That said, I like what I'm seeing online (as with the aforementioned Veer review at as far as build quality of the new devices. Perhaps HP released the Veer to demonstrate that the new hardware will not suffer the same fate as the original devices, and the quality is much improved. It would make sense to release the cheapest version so carriers can see that it's well manufactured, then start pursuing those carriers with the more high-end devices.

    It's also obvious that the biggest drawback to WebOS is lack of apps. So, what can we as a dedicated community do to help in that area? I know some of us are developers, but here is an interesting article by a DIY programmer who is jumping in and learning from scratch:

    Perhaps if we are all waiting for the new Pre 3 with nothing to do, we should become the developer force that leads to the success of WebOS. If not, then even a list of app suggestions and ideas would be a great tool for developers hoping for the success of WebOS.

    At least we would have something to occupy us until HP announces something...
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    Couldn't have said it better myself!! We are riding on the same ship. Already pre ordered my EVO 3D last week for my Premier Line. However, I will keep two upgrades open for the next two months, in hopes of an announcement. In addition there is the 30 day trial, just in case :-)
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    im done waiting i had my pre- since launch and im done waiting. i just put 50 down on the evo 3d and ill see how ill like android. im going to miss webOS but im done waiting for a phone
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    My work phone is Android, personal phone is webOS. I can say this with confidence: if/when Sprint releases a webOS phone, you'll be back. The apps are great, but that's pretty much about it.
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    I was given an infuse as a gift. Was not something I was planning on doing.

    I actually do find myself enjoying it, though how much of that is hardware and not software... I do miss things about the pre, but this phone isn't driving my crazy either like my brief time with a WP7 phone did.

    All in all I'm getting closer to the time I have to keep or return it, and if that line crosses and we don't have a pre3 release date or so much as a carrier I'm not gonna return it. I might not either anyway, as I'm finding myself already looking more forward to what might happen if Leo's hinted at development of webOS phones made by other manufacturers ever comes around, coupled with how well the pre3 launch goes.

    But more than anything else the delay in getting anything remotely firm on this is what made my scenario possible. So mark me down as a casualty of the death of information if some 11th hour turnaround doesn't happen asap. And if that holds, well, I'll be lurking anyway waiting to see what the next webOS phone materializes as...
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    I didn't say when you'll be back, just that you'll be back.
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    HP wpnt listen till people actually do leave. as long as people are on here complaining, me included, they know we are still on board. when this site quiets down with all the "i am leaving" chat.

    i am looking at windows 7 now so i will be tied up for 2 years and then i can look at WebOS again.
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    My Pre- is still in good shape, but i am itching for something bigger and better. Now rumors are coming out that the Galaxy S II will drop in July. Going to be hard to wait around for a Pre3 with that beast of a phone sitting out on shelves.

    I might have to give the phone a 3-week trial anyways just to see as i honestly havent had a TON of time with any android devices.
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    "It's also obvious that the biggest drawback to WebOS is lack of apps".

    i dissagree, the biggest drawback for WebOS is no new handsets.
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    Obviously no one likes waiting and there are lots of reasons to criticize HP for a lack of news, let alone delivering the goods. I am curious what the benefits are to HP for holding off on things like a release date, price, carrier, etc. Presuming they do actually have it settled internally and are simply withholding the info. I truly can't think of any.
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    AT&T Pre Plus (patched) owner here (one of the PalmOS alumni). Patiently waiting for the Pre 3 with Flash Player so that I can FINALLY go to my favorite flash-based sites. My Pre+ would still be in mint-like condition if I didn't keep leaving it on the bed and watch it because a frisbee when I make the bed (smile) - USB port cover came off when it got caught in car cup holder (still haven't figured out HOW that happened), volume button flew off during NBA finals game 2 (Go Mavs!) and I've dropped it screen side down at least 10 times. Found volume bug and it is precariously inserted in the slot. The build quality on this phone is outstanding! Phone still works fine. I just need a little duct tape and I can hold on until Pre 3 is released.

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