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    Improving on the pre3: 4 inch screen with less bezel to keep the same dimensions, metal casing or accents to eliminate that plasticy feel, added virtual keyboard for landscape view, bigger battery, dedicated camera button, at least a 1.3mp front camera, gyro, beats audio 3.5mm out, office productivity suite, and most importantly NO LAG
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    i want, wait for it..... a preo. basically a treo pro running webos, loaded with pre3 internals
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    My brain.
    I wish my brain could call, text, and email people. I could turn the ringer off, but emergency calls could still get through.
    It would obviously have video calling. All phone features; but under the control of my brain.
    However, I wouldn't use my brain for surfing the internet - I wouldn't want to get a virus, or be the victim of some hacker.
    Of course; I'd still carry a tablet for my internet needs.
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    Prints hundred dollar bills.
    Endless ink and paper refills.
    You come at the king. You best not miss.
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    • Dual-boot webOS and hyperionOS
    • 4.8" Retina Display (dunno about you, but I like 'em big.)
    • Dual-core 1.4GHz processor
    • NVidia graphics
    • XBox Live support
    • "Find My Phone"
    • webOS cloud storage
    • Portrait keyboard
    • Bulletproof Glass
    • NFC
    • A toaster.
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    A little eye implant that will display a HUD in my field of vision. Yes, an eyePhone, but I've been wanting something like that since forever :P

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    Pre2 with a virtual keyboard for for light typing tasks, especially in landscape mode
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    Pre 3 available on all major carriers in US and on most carriers around the world. We need critical mass.
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    Dream phone (hardware):

    - 3.8" - 4.0" screen with qHD or higher resolution

    - portrait slider keyboard with 90 degree swivel to use in landscape orientation (similar to the phone used at the beginning of the first Iron Man movie)

    - Enough CPU horsepower and RAM to ensure buttery-smooth UI, lightning-fast app launches, and no "too many cards" errors

    - SD card expandable storage

    - Solid build and feel, yet not bulky/heavy

    - Front and rear facing auto-focus cameras

    - Gesture area at the bottom (and maybe even top and sides of phone)
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    I want a 4 screen in the hourglass form-factor that slides up to reveal the keyboard, then rotates the screen to landscape to reveal a D pad and gaming buttons. The one that was a submittal as a design idea for future phones a while back.

    I also want it to come preloaded with *full* Skype and Netflix.

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    basically an evo 3d with webOs and a slide out portrait physical keyboard (sometimes you just feel like using a real keyboard, sometimes you dont.)
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    A palm pixi with slightly bigger screen and pre3 internal.

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    A Veer on Verizon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by toyotast165 View Post
    i want, wait for it..... a preo. basically a treo pro running webos, loaded with pre3 internals
    I could definitely go for that, too. Good idea!
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    webOS UI & gesture area (take out home button) on iPhone 4.
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    Samsung Nexus S with WebOS on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    Pre 3 hardware in Pre(2) form factor. I keep getting this feeling the Pre 3 will be too big for my hands.

    My Pre Plus now is just right.
    The HPre3 is barely bigger than the Pre2. It isn't as tall as the iPhone4, yet has more screen space.
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    I want the HPre3 with NFC. Everything else is perfect. I don't see why they would create a proprietary technology when NFC is so similar and yet we are blocked out of all the benefits of NFC by using TTS.
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    3.7'' touchscreen
    virtual keyboard only
    (worn comment) but I would love 20k + applications
    2 mp ff camera, 8 mp back
    7 mm thick (or thin, whatever)
    very minimal bezel
    a nice but thinner looking gesture area
    gorilla glass
    removable storage
    non-mandatory syncing software for Windows, OSX, and Linux

    And this is just a personal gribe, but I really hate all of the music players available for WebOS. I have tried em' all and they are all either ugly or clunky and slow.
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    A 4G Pre3 on Sprint would do me for a long while. Frankly apart from hardware issues there's not a whole lot about my Pre- I would change.
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