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    First that is an absolute terrible argument. If people were not using that amount of data -- no one would care if their data was capped. Obviously people ARE using that much data or there would be no need to cap anyone! There will be no speed limits on freeways once cars can go fast enough to go beyond the current speed limit.

    And yes, I can think of TONS of times where I have no access to WIFI: while driving listening to Pandora or some other streaming service, while at work (sure they have WIFI, but it is locked down to company owned laptops and not available to employee owned devices), while walking down the street, while sitting at an airport where you don't want to pay $9.95 to use WIFI for 24 hours (only to have to pay the same amount again at the next airport that you have a layover at).

    People have to get over that everyone uses their devices differently. Just because YOU are very rarely anywhere that doesn't have WIFI doesn't mean there aren't a whole lot of people who aren't.
    Seriously? This is your argument? While the article is a year old, it's still pretty accurate.
    According to a recent wireless study by the Nielsen Co., the typical smartphone user consumes less than 300MB of data each month.
    In addition, the article notes 1/3 of smartphone users were using 1MB per month.

    Average Smartphone Data Use Increases, Still Less Than You Might Think - HotHardware

    How much data 2GB is on a smartphone?
    How to calculate the amount data you will use on your smartphone or tablet - House & Home, Life & Style - The Independent

    16GB is a large amount of storage for a smartphone. 2GB of data is a large amount of 3G data for a smartphone.

    By the way, when I travel (I've been to Aruba, Denver x4, Dallas x2, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle over the past 12 months), I pretty much never use wifi. I'm almost always on 3G, and I almost always have rental cars where I use Pandora as my radio. I very frequently use my Sprint Navigation service while I'm traveling as well. I have never even come close to 2GB of data.

    There aren't too many users out there who need more than 16GB of storage or 2GB per month of data. It doesn't make sense to reduce profits to market to the fringe element, IMHO.
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    It's not even anywhere close to a dealbreaker. In fact, I prefer a phone without the expansion slot. I had it on my Treo 600 and 755p, but I never used it and got annoyed with the card accidentally springing out if I sat down wrong with it in my pocket.

    I have around 12GB total in all my music, which is 3000 songs or roughly 150 hours... If I ever need to listen to music for 6 days nonstop without sleeping, you can go ahead and shoot me in the head. And that STILL leaves me 4GB left over on my Pre 2. Of course, I prefer to walk around without headphones on 24 hours a day, to hear bikes and skateboards coming up behind me, cars driving near me, birds and squirrels chattering, the wind blowing through leaves, etc. My 8GB Pre- had 6GB free when I upgraded to the Pre2.

    If you have a problem fitting all your photos, all your movies and all your songs onto 16GB, maybe you should look at what you put on your device and why. Do you need over two thousand 8 megapixel photos on a device that can only display 1/10 megapixels? Maybe you can resize some of those photos if you need that many carried around on your phone. Do you need to put multiple 720p two hour movies on a phone that can only show 320p? If you do the conversion from DivX/MP4/whatever to the movie format Pres use and scale the movie properly, I'm sure you could fit more than 12 full length movies on there.

    As far as the people arguing that businesses would want that because they could buy the cheaper version then upgrade, you are mostly clueless. A) Businesses don't give a crap if they give a phone to their workers and they can't fit all of their music and movies on there... the phone is for business use (email, documents, etc that can be used on a phone or needs to be temporarily transferred) B) Businesses would rather not deal with upgrades and addons after the fact. C) Businesses would rather not deal with detachable parts that can be lost or broken.
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