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    Not sure if this has been posted:

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    atleast there is hinting of the encryption thing everyone questions about- and what he says is true, what "Hardware encryption" means is differeant to every network security manager- it has remote wipe and email encryption it is fine- HP knows what businesses need- I am sure the Pre3 will meet their needs and exceed expectations.

    it just needs to be released!
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    i want.....
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    "we will support updates if the hardware device can support the OS update and give a good user experience"

    I am glad that they are learning from their mistakes. Dont promise something or make wild claims without first knowing if you can follow through with them.

    *cough*Pre minus WebOS 2.1*cough*
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    For some reason this video, more than any of the others, really made me want this phone -BADLY. My eyesight isn't what it used to be so I can't wait for a bigger screen. I've compared plans across all the providers, --vz, att, sprint-- and since I don't use many minutes. I can go with a family plan that has less minutes than my family plan on sprint, and still pay about the same amount of money. I used 31 anytime minutes last month, and with weekend, mobile to mobile, I was still under 100 minutes. The only thing is that with a bigger screen, I might be more prone to streaming media. I'm going with whomever has the phone when I get my phone fund back together. I had to spend it last month.
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