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    I might be the exception to the rule, but I am still using my launch day Sprint Palm Pre-. The phone is starting to crawl to the finish line, but I really enjoy WebOS and have been pleased with Sprint, in general.

    All good things, however, must come to an end. I don't think this phone will make it another month. What to do?

    I do a substantial amount of business e-mailing on my phone, so a Veer is out of the question.

    If iOS 5 came out this month and had more WebOS-like notifications, I would probably make the jump, but it isn't and won't.

    Android is intriguing, but still lacks the quality of iOS apps and the simplicity of WebOS.

    Any suggestions? If I don't wait for the Pre3 (wherever and whenever it may land), what is the next best phone on the market?
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    Oh, and I don't mind spending money for a good phone, but I am not the type to pay full price for unlocked phones before my upgrade, so I need a phone that will keep me satisfied for at least 1 year (and maybe 2 now that I am only Premier Silver on Sprint).
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    Buy a used Pre on ebay to get you thru the summer if need be, you made it this far so hang in there. Fortunately for me my June of 09 Sprint Pre is still going strong, no issues yet, so I will hang in there and see what develops in the up and coming months.
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    If your contract is up there are a number of free upgrade phones at best buy that you can return up to 30 days later as long as they're not damaged, and still have your upgrade option (may want to double check with your local store, but I just did this for a few days).

    3 days without WebOS was enough to realise how much better it is than anything else.
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    Android isn't going to tickle your fancy if you like quality apps. Since you specifically mentioned iOS, I'm assuming you do.

    My advice would be to keep waiting, wait for WWDC (week after next), and see what the notifications look like. If you like it, go out and buy an iPhone 4. It'll get upgraded to iOS 5 whenever it is released, and you'll love it.

    That's all assuming that the Pre 3 doesn't come soon enough for you.
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    Even though you may not want to pay full price for an unlocked phone, I still must recommend getting an unlocked Pre 2 & frankenpre it. You can get it cheaper on ebay. I' ve had mine for about 3 months & it's awesome. It's built so much better than the pre -.

    Also it won't reset your contract or cause you to pay the extra $10 monthly data charge.

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