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    Does anybody have any idea why Palm doesn't add this feature to their phones?
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    They added it, 12 years ago... I think it isn't in WebOS because everything MUST be in the cloud, always, etc. Really makes me sad.

    The cloud should include nearby computers/caches/devices that you can communicate with via bluetooth, SD cards, etc.
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    Well there is going to be "some" function of BT transfer in the Pre3 and the Veer (Touch to Share). So my thought is, if HP doesn't unlock this, homebrew will find a way (at least for BT).

    Also currently for WiFI, I use WiFi Media Sync.
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    Purely an administrative decision they made to not have this yet. Money is on security reasons.
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    you dont have access to the iOS file system either. I wish for it, but it apparently it isnt as simple as i think it would be...

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