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    Smartphone users by age.
    Approximately 50% of all smartphone users are 18-34 (extrapolate based on weighted OS age brackets)
    Mobile phone use is actually greater in age 35-50 than in the 18-34 bracket, and mobile phone use as a percentage is pretty flat across the brackets.

    If we use those figures to extrapolate the adoption rate of smartphones in the 18-34 market, you're going to come up with a very high percentage of 18-34 year olds with smartphones already, and a fair number of 35-50 year old as well (many for work). Some of the information is a little old, but mobile phone adoption rates are probably not much higher than they were just a couple years ago. Has anybody seen how people they know in their 50s+ use smartphones? How many people in the 50+ generations even want a phone that doesn't just make phone calls and have big keys? This is what I mean by initial adoption rate. The older generations are much slower to adopt new technology than the younger generations. It took a LONG time for the age 50+ adoption of computers for example. The youngest generations (children) are going to be limited in the initial adoption rate by the cost. Parents, especially those with multiple children, can't afford to fork out so much more money for the data plans required with smartphones right now.

    Well, if you have 5% or 10% market share, app developers are going to have a lot more reason to develop for you than if you have 0.9%. By moving ahead with a very good, but not excellent environment (webOS 2.x/Mojo) and allowing your customer base to solidify, you can focus time on fleshing out Enyo. If HP would have waited until September of this year to start showing a solid version of Enyo with completed APIs and a completed emulator, the transition would have been much easier for everybody. Developers would still be happy to embrace the new system because of the native device scaling, and users would be happy and looking forward to upcoming devices while they're running their Pre2's Pre3's, and other devices. HP would have gained market share with webOS over the past 9 months, and they would be better poised to continue to gain against a momentarily weakened Android platform.

    It's just how I feel.
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