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    Hey guys,

    My Pre(-) phone got dropped in water the other day and now it's not working anymore. I tried putting it in rice for a day to absorb the moisture but it still won't work.

    I don't want to put down a $100 for another when my contract is going to end in less than a month (and hopefully the Pre3 will come out by then) and I need a phone badly.

    What would you recommend me doing?

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    You could try and pick up this Pre- on ebay for a dollar?


    Oh. And a tip for activating. Get the number for customer care (I got it from an in-store rep, I can't find it on the website) and activate over the phone. Use the word "replacement." "I'd like to activate a phone I got as a replacement." I guess it implies insurance replacement, and if you're talking to someone relatively easy-going (and/or if you lie in response to follow-up questions) you'll be able to avoid the $10/month being added to your bill. At least that's how it went for me. YMMV.

    If it weren't water damage I'd say pick up a plus and plus your Pre.
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