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    Does anybody know if there are more events planned by HP? just wondering when they are going to make announcement for their phones.
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    I emailed Dan a few months ago, and received a similar (or same) email. I called back and spoke with a representative from Dan's office. I made a request for Sprint to offer the Pre 3 and that I really like WebOS and why. He mentioned the Android phone offerings. I told him I'd played around with my husband's Epic and our daughter's Evo, and really didn't observe an advantage over WebOS from Android other than more apps which isn't as important to me as multitasking and a user friendly interface.

    My husband didn't believe I can talk on my Pre- and get on the Internet at the same time, so I called his Epic, showed him the website I was looking at while still talking to him from my Pre-.
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    You can access the Internet and talk at the same time, but only when you're in range of WiFi. All CDMA phones are like that, to my knowledge. It is only with WiMAX and LTE that this changes (and only when within range of towers that have it).
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    I talked to Sheril S about 20 min ago, Sounds like all the carriers are waiting on Hp to decide on when to give it up because Hp is trying to avoid the fiasco with the original pre, she sounded like Sprint will get the phone because she is returning a hell of a lot of upset Sprint customers ready to jump ship thinking the pre 3 is going else-ware and she quoted take this with " The Grain Of Salt " but, to me, she sounded hope full and she said looks like August

    Dear Albert,

    Thank you for contacting I am glad we had the
    opportunity to speak today. Per our conversation, at this time Sprint
    has not made any announcement regarding the Palm Pre 3. At this time HP
    is still in the testing phase of the device. Should there be an
    announcement, it will be placed on our website. Thank for
    being a committed and loyal customer. I will forward your feedback to
    our marketing team.

    If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at 757-223-39fivefive,
    Monday through Thursday, 9:00am – 6:00pm, EST and Friday, 9:00am-1:00pm
    EST or you can reply to this email. Thank you for contacting Sprint.

    Sherial S.
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    I sent this earlier today. All 100% true. I am tied up and will not have time to get the Veer until the weekend, but that is my intention as of this moment. If I get anything back will share.

    (I don't actually expect anything, but want to make it clear to Sprint the reason I am leaving in hopes it helps HP and other users down the line. Also will reinforce that many of us early adapters are coming off contract, which I am sure they know but can't hurt to remind.)
    Just got my call back. She was very polite, suggested I pay $39 or whatever to fix the phone I have and wait. I said "that sounds promising... how long should I wait?" Then she said she had no clue, and admitted that since nothing has been announced probably unlikely anything is coming until at least the Fall.

    I told her I was likely leaving, since I could pay zero for a new phone instead of $39 for a 2 yr old one and pay the same monthly charge on AT&T, but asked her to forward along why I was leaving in hopes Sprint will eventually get a webOS device. She said she would, and that they have been impressed with the number of emails they have gotten from us loyalist. So who knows. But fwiw...
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    Below is my e-mail that I sent to dan@sprint. I also got a call back to discuss my e-mail. The Sprint representative stated (as has been said over and over) that they do not have any details on if / when the Pre 3 will be coming to Sprint. She did say that she hoped that Sprint would get this phone because the number of e-mails and phone calls that Sprint has received on this matter has been very impressive. She said that the Web OS community is, by far, the most enthusiastic cheerleaders for Web OS phones over any other type of phone.

    Dan Hesse:

    I am writing to request that Sprint actively seek to carry new Web OS devices from HP (formerly Palm). I am most interested in the HP Pre 3 that is going to be released this summer.

    I am so enamored with the Web OS operating system, that I will not settle for an Android (or even Apple) device. On July 1st, I will be purchasing an HP Touchpad, and I will be looking for an HP phone that can interact with the Touchpad (i.e. touch-to-share and the ability to respond to text messges and answer phone calls directly from the HP tablet).

    My contract ended with Sprint on June 5, 2011, and if Sprint is not announced as a carrier of the HP Pre 3 whenever carriers are announced this summer, I will be leaving Sprint and moving to whatever carrier is offering the Pre 3.

    I believe that Sprint has a large number of Web OS users, and I recommend that management at Sprint really consider doing whatever it takes to retain these customers. I have good coverage in my area with Sprint and the pricing of "smartphone" plans offers the most value of the three largest carriers, but handset choice is extremely important for some people (particularly for those who have experienced Web OS).

    Even if it is too late for Sprint to be able to carry the HP Pre 3 at initial launch, I would recommend that Sprint do whatever it takes to secure a partnership with HP to offer future devices. In fact, I would recommend that Sprint offer up details the day of the HP Pre 3 launch announcement as to what is in the future for Web OS on the Sprint network. If you don't, I think you will be losing more customers than you realize.


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    I kept my email to dan@sprint short and to the point:

    Just want to let you know that all 3 of our phones contracts will be up
    by June 24th. After that, where ever the Pre 3 will be, that's where we
    3 will be.
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    Heres mine!:

    Hi, i've email you about this before but, im getting sick of waiting! i love webOS and so do A LOT of other users i dont think sprint experienced the new webOS A.K.A. HP webOS

    Palm webOS was not even close to the finished product. heck hp webOS 2.0 isnt even. im just showing you webOS has the potential it didnt have when palm owned it. I really would love the HP Pre3 as my handset.

    you will lose a lot of costumers than you think if you do not go for this device...

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    I chimed in not only for myself, but for two others.

    I've been a subscriber with Sprint and Nextel for some time. I like the pricing, the wireless service, and the customer service (even if the follow-up calls to check on quality are sometimes a little overzealous). What I like most, though, is the Palm Pre that I have had for almost two years now.

    As a Gold Subscriber, I've been eligible for a new phone for about a year. I had been looking forward to getting a Pre2 last summer, but alas, it did not arrive on Sprint's network. I have gone as far as considering building a hybrid Pre2 with my current Pre's radio, but decided that the cost was more than I wanted to bear for a project that might not go well.

    I have been watching for some time for news of the Pre3 on Sprint. I know that the model that would work on Sprint has passed the FCC. While it is lacking in 4G, that's really not all that important to me. I'm more interested in the functionality of the phone itself, and for me, webOS is a perfect match. My needs are simple: a decently-sized webOS phone with a physical keyboard, and only the Pre3 has that in current models. I have no desire to move to an Android phone (even with a physical keyboard), and even less to try any other mobile operating system. I have done so through work, and I always find myself coming back to my Palm Pre once work hours are done.

    I'm hoping that the Pre3 is on its way. Not only will I snap one up on the first day, but my girlfriend (who has been with Verizon for 15 years) will also make the move that same day to Sprint. I am getting a TouchPad on July 1, and I would love to have a phone that works closely with it. I have another friend in the Dallas area to whom I introduced the original Pre and she immediately fell in love with it. She wants a Pre3 and will make the jump to any carrier that has it when her contract is up for renewal in August. Please don't make me consider switching to Verizon or AT&T just to be able to get the phone that I want so much. You have the opportunity to keep two subscribers and pick up a third, or lose two subscribers and a chance at a third. I hope we can all call ourselves Sprint customers in the near future while happily tapping away at our Pre3 phones.
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    Well said, I feel the same way. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, ...
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