View Poll Results: Would Switch To Verizon For A Pre 3 If They Honored Your Sprint Loyalty Program?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calcmandan View Post
    I'd rather not see a big increase in my bill just for a phone. I'll keep my pre- until it falls apart.

    I will get a wifi touchpad regardless.

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    Can't say this will work for you, but please see that the big 3 can be within $10 of eachother depending on what you need. Sprint has made themselves more expensive in the last few months...
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    I will wait for the Pre 3 on Sprint as long as they get it by the end of the year. I will keep goin with the Pre -. I am so in love with WebOS and can't imagine not having it, yet I will not go on Verizon dorkforce plan. You know they still have 9pm nights and weekends? Are they kidding. I know you can pay more for 7pm nights but like someone else said, the mobile to mobile is between Verizon only.

    Basically, if the Pre3 comes out on ATT first, I will get it for 30 days and see how cool it is, and return after 30 days, or keep it if the coverage is better than Sprint, and if browsing while talking without WIFI available is something I would do often. I also am not sure of ATT plans. Regardless, Verizon or ATT will be at least $30 more per month for equal plan ( I believe ). My contract is up with Sprint, so I'm going to try to keep the Pre- as long as possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xadion View Post
    Does anyone know if I move to Verizon and sign a contract that my plan will remain the same during that contract- or when they switch to teired data it will be retroactive? On sprint I know they honor "old" plans as long as they are active- I had a 20$ 300min plan for years on sprint lol

    So, if I go get a Verizon pre3 if it comes out before the teired plan debute- will I stay on unlimited data during that time?

    Also does verizon have a 30day money back deal like sprint? if so Ill go buy a pre2 and hedge a bet on getting a pre3 in that time.
    I've already made the switch from Sprint (>14 years!) to Verizon when I got the VZ Pre 2! One of the reasons I made the move in February was to lock in the unlimited plan for 2 years. And I could keep it after that as long as I don't change the plan. The problem is the Pre 3 will be coming out in August/September after the tier plans are in place. Verizon has also changed their money back cancellation to 15 days ...
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    I considered leaving Sprint if there was an announcement that Sprint would not carry the Pre3. Now that I have a Pre2 on Sprint, I don't care as much about leaving. The Pre2 works great and I might just hold out and see if any other webOS devices are announced on Sprint. I can always use my upgrade to buy a EVO 3D and sell it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennat View Post
    Well, I'm switching anyway because they;
    -added another $30 for my smartphones
    -ditched my one year upgrades
    -the fact that I have 12% on Verizon via my work
    -because they have the worst "4G" network (Sprint)
    -Verizon will be getting the Pre3 *for sure*
    -they keep adding on charges on my bill that should be
    -they have a faster 3G service (Verizon that is)
    -And because they are making me mad for all of that

    Lets just say I have a reason...
    dont forget the waaaaay better coverage. atleast for me in central jersey, sprint service is pathetic, i just canceled yesterday.
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