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    Quote Originally Posted by fernandez21 View Post
    Actually, at&t's "4g" is the slowest. Its funny, they decided to market it at 4g to compete with Verizon and sprint, but its just a joke now, but if they kept calling it 3g they would be regarded as the carrier with the fastest 3g service by a long shot.
    I cant consider that anymore since they will be launching their LTE soon, so yeah sprint will be the slowest.
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    The news about the Clearwire/Sprint agreement is about a month old, but possibly explains why Sprint needs to charge smartphone customers the $10 fee. It's actually peanuts compared to the $1 Bil Sprint owes Clearwire for providing their 4G capacity in 2011 and 2012.
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    you guys whine too much. First you complain about how sprint may not be getting the pre 3 and now you dont want to pay the extra 10/month for ALL smartphones. Its still cheaper than vzw or att. At this point, I honestly dont care. I'm jumping to a carrier who has the pre3.
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    the new 4" 4g slab for sprint in august will take care of that.
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    Given that Verizon is moving to a tiered plan, I'm not sure which is going to be a better deal for me since I've never looked at how much data I consume a month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drexaljim View Post
    the new 4" 4g slab for sprint in august will take care of that.
    Don't want a slab....want a Pre 3 on Sprint! That'll keep me going until the REAL HP phones hit the market. Sprint, ya' better wake up and get this phone 'cuz I'm going wherever it lands and I'm sure I won't be the only one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drexaljim View Post
    the new 4" 4g slab for sprint in august will take care of that.
    Please point me to the announcement of that device.
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    Doom and gloom over something that's been going on for quite some time? Don't see it happening. Iphone going to Sprint BEFORE the Pre3 is a better argument.
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    I forgot about the $10 surcharge per month. Based on that, might stick with my Pixi just a little bit longer and see what happens...
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    I am not on Sprint, I am on Verizon, but I wish I could be on Sprint. If Pre 2 was on Sprint, thats where I would be. Sprint has a GREAT network, better than verizon's, just smaller. I switched from Sprint to get iPhone 4, then I saw how much it sucked so I immediately went to a Pre 2. If Pre 2 was on Sprint I would have gone back.

    Even with the $10 premium data charge, SPrint has by far the best deal. And a good network to back it up.

    Oh and also, the Evo 3D will probably cost more than $200. I think it will be $250. The Samsung Epic was released at $250 and there was nothing particularly special about that phone compared to other galxy S phones besides the Keyboard. The Evo 3D is a monster. Packing the same processor as the TouchPad.
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    This will be bad for a marketing perceptive. The sales person will say well this isn't 4g... get an evo.

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    Hey everyone the Evo 3d price was leaked by radioshack @ $199. Which is very reasonable for the specs of the phone. Also the wimax in vegas is very strong. I am having an extremely tough decision because my pre- is barely breathing, I need a new phone now. I think im going to buy the evo 3d now and in 30 days before i cant return it see whats the scene with the pre 3 on sprint
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    I don't think the $10 will kill the Pre 3. I doubt most people will even think about it that hard.

    What is going to kill the Pre 3 is that no release date has been put out there. The Evo 3D is probably going to release in the next few weeks at a very reasonable price. For specs, it beats the pre 3 so the folks who look at that stuff will go with the Evo. People who are interested in showing off there phone will be swayed by the 3D eye appeal and go with the 3D as well. It is going to be really tough to go up against the Evo 3D.

    I am disappointed that it has taken HP this long to release the phone. They hyped it up 3-4 months ago and then let that hype die. I have been waiting for this phone but unless I hear a date from HP before the Evo 3D, I will have to go with that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Achill3s View Post
    ... Iphone going to Sprint BEFORE the Pre3 is a better argument.
    If there is not a new WebOS phone on Sprint "in the coming weeks," then I'll look at what's available,including the rumored iphone.
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    I don't really care that much about the extra $10 charge, but what gets to me is that you have to pay a $10 smart phone charge with every add-on in a family plan. They really should change it to be discounted for family plans. I would rather see the primary line charged $10 and add-on lines $5.

    If a family of 5 all have smart phones that's an extra $50 a month.

    I know I had a conversation about this to a Sprint rep and they couldn't wrap their head around the fact that they are essentially they are just raising the overall plan cost. How many people are really going to buy the everything plan and use a dumb phone on it? Also, How can you call it an Everything plan if it doesn't include all the costs associated with it?

    Over half of the phones offered are considered smart phones including all of the dumb phones for nextel. It won't be long before the only option you will have for a phone will be considered a smart phone.
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    <title clarified>
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    Also remeber, that the 10$ takes away the 2 or 4g whatever softcap that 3g had- its truely unlimited- atleast it was back when it was a "4g" thing.

    I really hope sprint gets a pre3...everyone else is stupid price and stupid data caps.

    Also some of the "Faster" speeds from the new phones are really data processing speeds- load yahoo on my pre and my wife's evo both on 3g the evo processes the data faster and it "feels" faster- the pre3 will do that.

    And LTE and WIMAx drain your battery so fast its almost useless in some cases.

    WiMax in my area is 4-6mbs down and 1up - not bad all around...but the 3g is 1-2down and .5-1 up... not much differance seen other than a few big webpages loading. The upload is really what kills wimax- as your ping is just as bad as 3g.

    What I love is "roaming" onto VZW 3g - its a nice little boost :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by xadion View Post
    Also remeber, that the 10$ takes away the 2 or 4g whatever softcap that 3g had- its truely unlimited- atleast it was back when it was a "4g" thing.
    Sprint did not have a 2 (or 4g, or whatever) softcap on their unlimited plan. That was only on the wireless device you hooked up to your computer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syndil View Post
    This. And they have also finally put in some lower rate plans too, to compete with the cheapest options from other carriers.
    just depends on how you work it out. with at&t having any mobile as well... my 4 phone family plan would work out to be just about the same (only 3 of the 4 would be smartphones). I just couldn't bring myself to switch to at&t.
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