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    the title says it all.
    This could be the reason, why an o2 germany rep said, that they won't get the Pre 3.

    Take it with the usual grain of salt, but at least he said it and I didn't want to hold the information back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rot View Post
    This could be the reason, why an o2 germany rep said, that they won't get the Pre 3.
    Never heard, that a o2 Germany rep said, that they wont get the Pre³. The o2 Germany CEO had worked long time for HP, so I don't think that they will not sell the Pre³!
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    I read that just some days ago, think it was in an e-mail someone got from o2...I'm on a trip now, so I don't have the time to search for it, but it can't be far away.

    Yes, I do mean o2 Germany. O2 UK said that for quite some time now, but from o2 germany the information is new.

    btw. my rep did specify the availability at t-mobile with "at the beginning of august"
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    That’s in line with previous reports. One being the mail from O2 (yes, Germany) stating that they will only have the Veer and the other being this report on some UK sites saying that the Pre3 is coming to T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone.

    Since T-Mobile is barely active under this name outside of Germany I suspected it would be T-Mobile Germany. But I surely won't get a contract with big Magenta...
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    I sure hope that a late deal with t-mobile wont postpone the unlocked launch because the want to go exclusive. While they are at it, maybe the creapy lady commercial will be back too. =)

    We were hoping for a release within weeks and dont want to hear "coming soon" followed by months and months of waiting.
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    well it does not really matter what carrier sells it here in germany.

    o2 usually doesnt lock it and you may pay it during a period of 2 years even without any line plan.

    if t-mobile want to lock it then just grab that one from
    HP Pre3 Smartphone 3,5 Zoll schwarz: Elektronik

    still there might be surprises about the topic such like pulling the offer or end selling a t-mobile locked device...
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    no mentioning if it's locked to t-mobile.

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