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    hmm i hit refresh on that veer page constantly since i expect a date of availability to show up ahead of the pre3
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    If only would provide a similar page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
    Yesterday it said 16GB but now its been downgraded to 8GB.
    That sucks and sounds like a good reason to complain. I guess we'll know the truth soon enough!
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    Well that's weird, the PDF supplied by Amazon in firstplace still lists 16GB.

    Technische Details [0,30 MB PDF]

    Since that second store came in, the plantext infos show 8GB on the same page.
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    These preorders aint binding in any way, are they?

    Since they keep changing the specs its no longer what I ordered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
    These preorders aint binding in any way, are they?

    Since they keep changing the specs its no longer what I ordered.
    well of course they are, still you might step back expicitely for that reason
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    the price for pre3 on just dropped to 444 EUR

    yea i know that was only 4 EUR down...
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    I … had … to … preorder. Simply couldn't resist the autofocus. ;-)
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    I just received an email from amazon
    Wir können Ihnen jetzt den Liefertermin fuer Ihre Bestellung (Bestellnummer xxx) vom Mai 19 2011 nennen.

    Und hier finden Sie den oder die Artikel mit dem jeweils voraussichtlichen Lieferdatum:

    **"HP Pre3 Smartphone (8,9 cm (3,5 Zoll) Display, Touchscreen, 5 Megapixel Kamera) schwarz"
    ***Voraussichtliches Lieferdatum: Juni 15 2011 - Juni 27 2011
    They say delivery June 15 - June 27
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    Amazon Pre3

    This currently says IN STOCK
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Update : - Their website says 5 to 6 weeks so looks like a mistake in their amazon listing.

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    I chatted with a customer representative from about the 8GB vs. 16GB Pre3 on their page. She said only 8GB Pre3 will be delievered to them!? and the the producer has given them the delivery date.

    Ich: Wie ich den HP Pre3 bestellt hab ist noch 16GB auf der Seite gestanden, jetzt steht nur noch 8GB dort. Welchen Pre3 hab ich jetzt wirklich bestellt? Ist das Mitte/Ende Juni Lieferdatum realistisch?
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    Ich:Guten Tag
    Julia:Gerne möchte ich Ihnen behilflich sein.
    Einen kleinen Moment bitte.
    Juliaer Vorfall tut mir sehr Leid.
    Aber der Artikel wird nur mit einem 8 GB Speicher geliefert.
    Die Angaben der Lieferbartkeit haben wir vom Hersteller erhalten.
    Normalerweise können wir uns auf diese Angaben veranlassen.
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