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    Yea it definitely sounded that way to me, I mean to just bold faced lie to your customer like that though? Either way I need to stick with sprint so if they are going to lie to me at least i get 130 bucks.
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    Please merge in "I talked to a rep" thread, thanks.
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    Another one of those Sprint rep encounters huh. Man if I had a grain of salt for every Sprint rep story I heard in regards to the Pre 3. I think it might look like this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smartfah View Post
    Another one of those Sprint rep encounters huh. Man if I had a grain of salt for every Sprint rep story I heard in regards to the Pre 3. I think it might look like this:

    More like this, if you count all reps:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    More like this, if you count all reps:

    LOL, yeah. Thofat's probably more accurate.

    I hope an official announcement is made soon, hopefully buy the time of the HP Discover event next month.
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    I had a similar experience speaking with a sprint rep. I traded signing a new 2 year contract for a free immediate month of service, with my upgrade still in tact. I was sure to make them state in the notes of my acct that my upgrade is still valid.

    Since you extend your contract when you use your upgrade anyway.. it's a no brainer. I wouldn't leave sprint for the Pre3, my family plan is too good of a deal.

    And to add my grain of salt I had the manager of a local store tell me that they "Were for sure going to carry at least one HP/Palm phone this summer" but he wasn't sure which model/price or anything else. He claimed knowledge of distribution channels from his sprint employees and from a "friend who works for palm". Who knows.
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    More like....

    1 ghz Sprint Pre-
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    I just spoke to a Sprint rep, He didn't know for sure so he's gonna have Dan Hesse call me on my cell.
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    in all seriousness Yankchef, those phone reps are in a somewhat thankless job, with probably hard-to-hit sales quotas. Just renewing your service agreement is a sale for them, so some might tell you almost anything to get you to agree.
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    Why do people keep making these threads? Waste of internets space! lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by JayhawkOne View Post
    More like....

    nice, all you make me laugh thx
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    Well, maybe the waste is in the speculation and or frustration?

    Yankchef's scoop is very similar to the one I got from my local Sprint store manager 2 days ago. Sprint has "opted out of the initial release" but will have it later in the year.

    Trying something productive...emphasis on trying....I called Sprint to say "hey! what about your loyal WebOs fans?" and filled out a "consumer concern form" about Sprint not having the Pre 3 ASAP. It was suggested that more of these might help. Sprint and ask them to fill out a "customer concern form" for you. i.e. you want to stay with Sprint, so please offer the Pre 3 now vs. later. and Hey be nice to the Sprint person so they feel GOOD about passing your info along ;-)

    It would be great if Pre Central started a CONSUMER CONCERN DRIVE and keep track of how many of us do it. Maybe Pre Man can get invloved. Let's make it happen!!!!!
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    As a sprint premier member I just posted on the premier board whether they will be getting the Pre3, can't hurt.
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    Because it is always fun to see what the newest "line" is from customer service on chat- and it usualy only takes a minute or two to be amused for the day- here is my transcript from today

    ~~~~~~~~~~~Start Log~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    05/24/2011 03:42:43PMSession Started with Agent (Collin D.)

    05/24/2011 03:42:43PMSystem: "Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Collin D.."

    05/24/2011 03:42:43PMxadion: "Will Sprint get the Pre 3"

    05/24/2011 03:43:26PMAgent (Collin D.): "I can understand that you are looking to purchase Palm Pre 3."

    05/24/2011 03:44:18PMAgent (Collin D.): "currently we do not have the exact date of release for Palm Pre 3. However, I would like to share with you, when the phone will release, you can get the details by promotional advertisement and at Thank you for sharing your feedback. I have forwarded your feedback to my Supervisor.

    05/24/2011 03:44:19PMxadion: "Yes"

    05/24/2011 03:44:42PMAgent (Collin D.): "So, that he will forward you feedback to our Device and Technical Experts and Sprint can launch the phone as soon as possible so that, you can enjoy Palm Pre 3 phone services."

    05/24/2011 03:45:18PMxadion: "So, the Pre3 will be available on sprint- we just do not have a time of release...correct?"

    05/24/2011 03:45:47PMAgent (Collin D.): "Yes, whenever it will release, you can get the details by promotional advertisement and at"

    05/24/2011 03:46:20PMxadion: " will release sometime on Sprint."

    05/24/2011 03:46:44PMAgent (Collin D.): "Yes. However, the exact date of release for
    Palm Pre 3 is not available."

    05/24/2011 03:46:55PMxadion: "Okay thank you."

    05/24/2011 03:47:02PMAgent (Collin D.): "You are welcome."

    05/24/2011 03:47:07PMAgent (Collin D.): "Is there anything else I may assist you with?"

    05/24/2011 03:47:19PMxadion: "no thanks :-)"

    05/24/2011 03:47:31PMAgent (Collin D.): "Thank you for your continued support. We value your association and look forward to assisting you for years to come. Have a nice day Xadion."

    05/24/2011 03:51:38PMSession Ended

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~End Log~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    so there you
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    As an experiment someone should follow up by asking when the Star Tac is coming to Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmoe88 View Post
    Why do people keep making these threads? Waste of internets space! lol
    I think a bigger, more important question, is why do people keep complaining about these threads?

    Read closely naysayers - people make these threads (and other people read them) because they are of interest.

    • Yes, we know that "a xxxxyyyyzzzz rep said" doesn't make it the truth - it's still of interest (to some)
    • Yes, we know that some other rep in some other thread made the same statement - it's still of interest (to some)
    • Yes, we know that some other rep in some other thread (or maybe even this thread, heck, it might even have been the same rep) made just the opposite statement - it's still of interest (to some)

    Are some of you beginning to get the idea?? If you don't like what a rep from xxxxyyyyzzzz says, don't read the thread. In lieu of actual information from the companies involved, there are those of us that still like to hear what other users are hearing (that's the whole purpose of a forum... duh). When the actual information is officially released, then the complaints are legit. Until then, if you don't like the information, don't click on the thread!
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    One more chat session to post:

    4:52:57 PM : Connected to

    4:52:57 PM : Session ID: 2861937

    4:52:57 PM : JENKINS: Initial Question/Comment: Phone upgrade & new phone

    4:53:07 PM : Edward B has joined this session!

    4:53:08 PM : Connected with Edward B. Your Reference Number for this chat session is vvvvvvvvv.

    4:53:08 PM : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Edward B.

    4:53:21 PM : JENKINS: Edward, good afternoon.

    4:53:21 PM : Edward B: I am happy to assist you.

    4:53:44 PM : Edward B: Good afternoon to you Mr Steve.

    4:54:00 PM : Edward B: Please confirm your phone number is xxxyyyzzzz?

    4:54:15 PM : JENKINS: Yes. The reason for my contact is that my phone is developing a screen crack and I am considering an upgrade.

    4:54:57 PM : Edward B: I understand your concern. Thank you for confirmation of the phone number.

    4:55:43 PM : JENKINS: Specifically, I am interested in the HP/Palm Pre 3 and wondered if Sprint will carry this phone?

    4:57:17 PM : Edward B: As of now we don't have any specific date of the Palm Pre 3 phone arrival.

    4:58:36 PM : Edward B: However, I have checked that you are eligible for the upgrade of $150 with a two-year subscriber agreement (or $75 with a one-year agreement).

    4:59:13 PM : JENKINS: Edward, does this mean that Sprint will carry the Pre 3 and the launch date is not set or that you have no information on whether Sprint will carry it?

    5:00:12 PM : Edward B: Sprint will carry the Palm Pre 3. But we don't have the exact date of launching that handset.

    5:01:11 PM : JENKINS: Edward, thank you for the confirmation. I appreciate your reminder of my upgrade and hope that I may be able to use it on the Pre 3 in the near future.

    5:01:47 PM : Edward B: Yes, you can successfully use your upgrade discount on any phone of your choice.

    5:02:21 PM : JENKINS: Thank you. I will wait to learn more on when Sprint will offer the Pre 3.
    5:03:02 PM : Edward B: Sure, I will suggest you to get in touch with online Sprint website.

    5:03:17 PM : Edward B: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

    5:03:28 PM : JENKINS: No, thank you. Good bye

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    I think it's a good sign that the chat reps seem to be on the same page now, as before you would get yes,no, or the we cannot say line etc.

    atleast now it is 'yes' but still no 'when'

    I'll do another chat tomorrow for fun...maybe even a call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankchef View Post
    So i made a customer service call to sprint today because my pre minus has been shutting off every time i make a call. After speaking with the representative for a few minutes and going through my options i told her that i didnt want to upgrade because i was holding out for the pre3 even though i told her I was doubtful it was coming to sprint. She spoke with a supervisor who then told her that sprint was definitely going to be carrying the pre3 with a release date not yet set however, she said it would be after my upgrade date which is august first.

    A little peculiar on a side note after this conversation she said she would credit me 130 dollars if i agreed to extend my contract for another 2 years with sprint and i would still retain my upgrade money and all that... Now i need to stick with sprint for family reasons but it seemed a bit odd. Anyway just thought I would share discuss amongst yourselves.
    So this should tell you that they tried (maybe succeeded) in extending your two year contract so you can't leave when you find out Sprint doesn't get a Pre 3.

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    I believe Sprint will get the pre3 but however think it will come out on AT&T and Verizon first , as much as i dont like either one of them . but my pre2 frankenpre2 should hold me over until then .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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