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    I was just woundering after looking around that I found a few articles from 3 or more different sources (all the same article though) about the Pre 3. It states at the end that the device has been announced to be on Tmobile, Vodafone, and Orange anyone else know if this was already confermed or not?

    The HP Pre 3 is available with Adobe Flash player 10.1 support for better web browsing experience on the phone. Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile are the three main network providers who have announced the support for the HP Pre 3.

    Read more: HP Pre 3 is an Excellent Mid-Range Smartphone
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    HP Pre 3 is an Excellent Mid-Range Smartphone

    OfficialWire: HP Pre 3 Builds Upon The Popular Phone Series From Palm

    HP Pre 3 is a Smartphone with All-Round Performance - Best Mobile Contracts -
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    Noooooooooooooooooooooo. I've been with O2 for quite some time (ever since I got my first contract) with a short break of maybe 2 months and I don't want to switch to the dark side aka Vodafone. T-Mobile Germany would be even worse

    Hopefully HPalm sells the Pre3 with a German QWERTZ Keyboard contact free, then I'll just go wherever teh eff I want!

    €dith: These look like press releases. But I have my doubts if they are legit. This tidbit made me laugh:
    Even though it uses such a powerful processor, the HP engineers have worked out a way to make the phone very efficient and it is clearly shows in the 1230 mAh battery that is used in the phone. This is a massive difference over the competitors that use significantly larger batteries to run their products.
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    I think I just had a quasi-ethereal experience.

    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by LCGuy View Post

    I think I just had a quasi-ethereal experience.

    They don't mean T-Mobile USA. Hope that doesn't burst your bubble.
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    Yeah, I guess this only concerns Europe. The text was written by Thomas Whittle of MD Operations Limited. He has a british mail and phone number as well. I would give him a call but my Lebara SIM has no credit left Besides, it's 12 pm

    However, MD Operations LTD does not serve a public purpose.

    Best Mobile Contracts is owned and operated by MD Operations Ltd, an online marketing company based in the UK.

    Seems like HP is starting the marketing machinery.

    Looks like they own a number of websites:

    If this is true this would break with two previous telcos: Telefonica O2 and SFR. T-Mobile will most likely be the carrier in Germany and Orange the carrier in France, since both are barely active under these names outside of these countries. In the UK Orange and T-Mobile have a joint venture (Everything Everywhere). The only (bigger) countries where Vodafone is active under its name is the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy. Consequently, it would not surprise me if Vodafone got an exclusive deal for whole Europe except Germany and France.

    That would be a bummer. I don't know if Vodafone sells its phones simlock-free without contract like O2 does
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    This article reads like one of those automated article creation scripts that is just designed to get search hits.

    I'll wait for something more concrete

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