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    Quote Originally Posted by Courousant View Post
    These are more WebOS issues than Pre3 issues, but if they are not fixed before launch you can add:

    5. Threaded conversations in the email client, with significant speed improvements.

    6. Fully operational .pdf viewing.

    7. document editing.
    Fixed number 5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by augustofretes View Post
    I think you're a little out of date, you should try a phone with a higher resolution bigger screen, it's a world difference! The Pre 3 isn't the biggest, I'm sure it won't feel in the pocket like the Dell Venue Pro or alikes, it seems like a pretty well balanced device.
    I actually like the size of the Pre 2. It fits in my pocket really well. I think the big slabs are too big for a phone. If I want to watch a movie, I'll use my 57" HDTV instead of my phone.
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