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    Using baseball terminology, would the Pre3 considered a homerun device or a single?
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    I'd say Double.
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    Yeah why only a homerun or a single? Sorry for singling you out, OP, but everyone keeps having this idea that the Pre3 either has to be the greatest phone ever or it's a complete and utter failure. I don't get it. I agree with triple. Maybe double with an RBI.
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    I would say a solid double as long as its released on all carriers with good marketing it may even be a triple. If its exclusive to either at&t or Verizon I say single, and if its exclusive to sprint then maybe a walk or reach on 1st with an error.
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    The device itself seems to be a good strong double or maybe a triple. However, acceptance and sales or the device will ultimately determine whether it is still that or ends up being a base on balls or even worse, a strikeout.
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    bunt single
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    Homerun as long as it is released on Sprint (in addition to other carriers), if not then I'd call it a foul.
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    Solid double with a possibility to stretch it to a triple if Sprint gets it. If it only goes to Verizon, it's a single that will eventually be caught sleeping on first and tagged out.
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    a grand slam in my eyes....the original pre is still filling up the bases for me
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    What's the big deal? It's like 10-0 before Pre 3. Even if Pre 3 the homerun, it's still 10-1. Anyway, if you just want to put this one start, Pre3 is just walk for me. Some people might think it's harsh but HP/Palm didn't release any new phone for last 2 years, they have to start from some where. they have to build up the runner on the scoring position. Perhaps Pre3 make it to the base. But I think Veer is strike out though.
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    Strike two. But factor the Veer into that strike as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by circadia View Post
    Yup. It will do well, but I fully expect the Home-run is coming early (hopefully) 2012.

    Also expect all cylinders firing by Mid-2012.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Strike two. But factor the Veer into that strike as well.
    So shocking you say that...

    I'll call it sliding triple
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    What is baseball? Where can I download that? Can't find it in preware.
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    It's a double. But first the Veer hits a single, then steals second, so the run scores.
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    Triple....assuming its multi a vz user .... its got top notch specs just what webos doesnt have the ultra high res screens of the newest phones or the dual core 4G either....but its more than enough to bring the worlds best OS to the masses and blow their minds.

    Finally i can show my friends webos and they can look past the tiny screen and keyboard.

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    Right now, for all we know, it can’t even convince the GM to let it climb out of the doughout and take a bat to home plate…

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suntan View Post
    Right now, for all we know, it can’t even convince the GM to let it climb out of the doughout and take a bat to home plate…

    Manager. The GM would be the guy that hired the pre3, the manager decides who takes the at bats.

    sorry to spoil, I know you were trying to be clever.
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    walk, and not because of intimidation
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