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    Um...I think we're still watching the warmups. The Pre3 game hasn't started yet.
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    I think it is almost a homerun were, if HP does things right, they can get everyone through the home plate before the ball does. Its kinda like judging a shot when the players are still running. The play isn't done yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidtm View Post
    I don't know anything about hockey - how 'bout a metaphor on ice??
    In hocey terms it's cearly "offsides." It hurridly skated over the blueline (announced months back) but never had the puck (still no release date or carriers.)

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    I'd say double. May get lucky and steal third.
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    ground rule double. Could have been a triple but hp some how holds it back.
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    Who's on first?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevets View Post
    Who's on first?
    That's easy. It's Folio. (the crowd groans withscattered boos) A guy from the minor leagues that finally got a shot after the major league owner couldn't afford payroll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Achill3s View Post
    Solid double with a possibility to stretch it to a triple if Sprint gets it. If it only goes to Verizon, it's a single that will eventually be caught sleeping on first and tagged out.
    Yes. Distribution is really the key.

    The Samsung Galaxy S is a good phone but the key to it's 14 million units sold in less than a year is that it is on all US carriers plus 104 international carriers.

    Imagine if the Veer were available on 110 carriers. But with the Veer just on AT&T, all of the hopes rest on one carrier who does not seem very interested.
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