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    I've been on a Pre- since launch day and have gone through the trouble of backing up text messages and contacts, etc when my first Pre- died. It was a messy process to change out phones that included some SQL database fudgery. All of it did work out fine in the end, though.

    From what I've read on the forums, though, the new Palm Profile that backs up your texts is no longer compatible with the old database method of text message saving. Even going from the Pre- to a frankenPre 2 currently has no way to transfer texts.

    When the Pre 3 finally comes out and everyone is all super excited, how much data will Pre- minus upgraders lose? Has HP said anything about a one-time method to upgrade old Palm Profiles to the new one that includes texts?
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    you can use save/restore to effortlessly back up your texts as a html file. Transferring them to a new device is another matter, but you'd still have the backup somewhere so they wouldn't be lost.
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    When i moved form my pre- to my pre2 i used save/restore to back up all my texts, then retrieved the .html file from the USB drive. Then just logged into my palm profile on the pre2 and had my contacts, memos, calanders, apps, and bookmarks all restored
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    If you feel adventurous, you should put 2.1 on your Pre minus. I've been running 2.1 for about a month now and I don't think I'll go back.

    For one thing, for the majority of the time, with the same OC settings (1 GHz Screenstate), 2.1 feels noticably more fluid. I added the majority of the time stipulation because I find that at random times (maybe once a day at most), it slows to a crawl and it takes about a minute of no input to clear up.

    Also, the earlier you do this, the more text messages you don't have to worry about backing up yourself. Although, an alternate method of saving texts would be using Google Voice's new Sprint integration (only if you're on Sprint), and that way, texts are backed up on google voice's website (I do both because I'm not sure how well the text backing up works yet).

    Hope that helps.

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