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    People tends to take only the absolute values to compare, and this is wrong. While the Pre3 will have a screen density lower than iPhone4, it isn't going to be too much lower.

    Pre 186 PPI
    Pre3 260 PPI
    iPhone 4 329 PPI

    While the iPhone 4 screen is sharper, the Pre3 screen is much sharper than original Pre's screens, and definitely a great improvement.

    Just to match your calculations with my post above, the Pre screen density was higher than all iPhones prior to the iPhone 4, due to its smaller screen size and same number of pixels, which is what the post I was replying to said. You might want to add that to your post, to complete the picture.

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    You know, guys, Pre3 is more than enough powerful, and it will be for few more months specs vise. But, to be successful, specs are not that important.
    It could have 3Ghz CPU, 2GB ram, 64GB of storage, 1080p output, 4.3" screen, LTE, WIMAX, 12Mpix camera and $100 price tag and to fail.
    No matter how fast CPU is, it could lag, OS could be unoptimized to support hardware specs. Also, OS optimization is something we expect from 2009, so there is big question could WebOS be fully optimized?
    WebOS feature list is still thin and it's not growing by years passed. IOS and Android user can have more versatile experience with out-of-box devices than WebOS users, and not to mention their app stores.

    Successful device is mix of attractive hardware, attractive design, great user experience regarding way it performs and acts on commands (and that is why I can't stand Jon anymore with his insisting on user experience in some esthetic and philosophical way), good feature list, good build quality and many other things
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    The screen on my pre plus is definately much nicer than the iphone 3gs, better colors and sharpness. However the iphone 4 blows it out of the water. The pre 3's screen should be a huge improvement, but I can definately see a difference between the iphone 4's and the htc surround I have too, and that's a 3.8" screen that's 800x480. Heck I can even see a difference between the iphones screen and the 960x540 resolution on the 4" screen of my atrix.
    iPhone 4s 64gb for personal, at&t Prē 3 for business. Best of both worlds.
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