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    Quote Originally Posted by fernandez21 View Post
    you do realize that you can get the 39.99 450 plan with unlimited mobile to any carrier with the $20 text plan right?
    Yes, I do know, but that was not the point. I wanted to compare plans that were equivalent as possible. With the so called att 450 plan it would make it $104.99 and $94.98 for tmo's 500 plan. Which still equates to a better deal on tmo.

    I do realize att is unlimited mobile to mobile, but tmo has unlimited wifi calling. With the unlimited plans over 2 years, tmo has a savings total of $480.24. If you compare the 450/500 plans, tmo has a savings of $240.24.

    I could care less for voice, but am interested in data & tethering for the sake of pre 3 and touchpad which was the reason for the price comparison in the first place. I wanted to know if pre3 was going to tmo and somone replied that att bought them out. My concern was that they are still operating as separate entities as att justifies the buyout. Who knows how long that would be and what new plans att will offer.

    I am a sprint customer, so I don't have any loyalty towards tmo or att, but comparisons show tmo would be the better deal. If hp's only deal with sprint is for datapass 3g service (no webos phones), I know who I'd want to go with. Verizon is out of the question. Att and tmo so called 4g intrigues me because it's speed is comparable to wifi b/g along with voice and data on the same network, all this with no lte or wimax to drain batteries even more is a huge plus.

    My battle, stick with sprint who has the best plans but no official news of future webos devices and probably go the android route (which I refuse) or go to a more expensive carrier that has webos devices in it's future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thead View Post
    Maybe it's really P101EVVVV
    No they are w's. Check google you'll see.

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    That sucks...didn't want to switch to Verizon but I can't wait until "whenever" for Sprint to get another webOS phone...
    If "If's" and "But's" were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calcmandan View Post
    No they are w's. Check google you'll see.
    Was just a lame joke...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullroarer Took View Post
    But why "Company: Palm"?
    Palm still did the work on Veer and Pre3. HP is handling the TouchPad.
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    Well if the Pre3 does come to Verizon, I would love to see HP "make things right" by offering lauch day Pre owners the ability to buy a Pre3 and run it on Sprint.

    HP could offer them @ the discounted prices freeing Sprint from having to purchase the phones and process rebates. In turn the new Pre3 owners would still have to sign a 2 year agreement with Sprint. That would make Sprint happy as they would get contract money and retain customers who might otherwise leave. HP would keep users on their platform and increase loyalty by looking out for them.

    Of course this is a pipe dream. I don't see HP wanting to discount the phone for Pre- users en masse and I don't think Sprint would agree to let a "Verizon" phone run on their network just appease HP and retain customers. It would open a can of worms for them. I also don't see Verizon agreeing to this either.
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    I don't feel soo bad getting a Nexus S 4g now.

    Thanks for the good times Palm. One day I hope another webOS phone comes into my path. Sadly since Android is getting a TTS NFC technologies. A touchpad would be kinda useless for me.

    Then again, any tablet is useless to me lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by addiarmadar View Post
    Tell me about it. I left ATT long time ago cause of the many threatening letters they gave me for data usages and tried to squeeze in extra charges. Sure I get some emails from Sprint being "concerned" with my usage but nothing more and they let me use truly an unlimited amount of data.
    Would you mind posting a screen of one of these emails, as well as your monthly usage? I'd like to get an idea about when they become "concerned". I'm bringing another line onboard (10th and final, more than likely) and that line is going to be using their phone as their home internet exclusively. I don't want to raise too many flags, since my deal with Sprint is damn sweet, so I'm curious where you're at. My highest thus far is around 7.5 BG, but it would be MUCH more if I didn't use wifi at home.
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