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    I was browsing the "webOS Developers & Friends" Facebook Group and saw this link that someone posted. The German site lists the Pre 3 Available for pre-order, and states it's deliverable in 5-6 weeks. Here's the English version of the page:

    HP Pre3 Smartphone (black) - FB435AA#ABD en Notebooks Laptops billiger

    Seeing as to how HP hasn't made an official announcement, I hope this release date is accurate and that it hit's the U.S. around the same time, if not sooner. Fingers Crossed.
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    That would be June 14-June 21 time period

    HP Pre3 Smartphone (black)

    - 9,1cm (3.58") WVGA Touchscreen (480x800)
    - 1.40GHz Prozessor
    - 512 MB RAM
    - 16 GB Speicher
    - Wireless LAN 802.11 a/b/g/n
    - Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
    - 5.0 Megapixel Kamera mit Autofokus und Aufnahme von HD-Videos bis zu 720p
    - ausziehbare QWERTZ-Tastatur
    - Messaging: IM, SMS, MMS, E-Mail
    - GPS-Funktion
    - Dual-Mikrofon mit Rauschunterdrückung
    - Unterstützte Audioformate: mp3, aac, aac+, eaac+, amr, qcelp, wav
    - Unterstützte Videoformate: mpeg4, h.263, h.264
    - Li-Ion Akku (1230mAh)
    - HP WebOS

    Fact.-No.: FB435AA#ABD
    Availability: Deliverable in 5-6 weeks - preorder possible
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    hmmm Very interesting. Thanks.
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    Interesting stuff, nice find!
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    I want one now.
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    ell just google that Fact.-No.: FB435AA#ABD and you will get more pre3 results. Some also having the EAN Code

    EAN: 0886111711468

    Tech Data Staff Shop - Nicht klassifizierte Produkte

    Handy HP Pre3/schwarz / inkl. Headset und Ladegerät. Produktnummer Art.Nr.: . Hersteller: FB435AA#ABD EAN: 0886111711468*…
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    Steckenborn Online-Shop

    389 Eur here...

    With that price-tag in germany, the device would be a NO-BRAINER! Selling like crazy!
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    (1230mAh BATTERY ??? Di I read this right????
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    Quote Originally Posted by crg28 View Post
    (1230mAh BATTERY ??? Di I read this right????
    Yeah that's right. It's also in the specs that Palm list's on their site for the Pre 3 as well.

    HP Pre3 | Business Smartphone, Business Mobile Phones
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    so this shop is reliable i already bought stuff there and it's also for non business customers:
    Jacob Elektronik GmbH
    : Palm Handy HP Pre3-schwarz - FB435AA#ABD

    Price: 433,90 €

    Very nice to see HP is pushing these out over their usual PC distributing channels...

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    and while we're at it these are the codes of the german Veer:

    Product No: FB348AA#ABD
    EAN: 0886111282517

    Pricetag 285Eur - 346Eur (and these prices seem to include the touchstone !)

    FB348AA#ABD - Suchergebnis von
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    For around 400 Euro, the Pre3 would definitely be a no brainer. Strange that the Pre3 seems to be impending but only the Veer was confirmed for June so far.

    Maybe O2 wants to release all three devices at once?
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    I'd not be too sure of the prices, they can change even if you already preordered (but of course if it costs 600€ after all when available you are not legally bound to your preorder).
    But for <400€ I'll get it without hesitation.
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    i recommend to investigate about xitra before buying there, just saying.
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    at least it looks like wide and non-exclusive availability is ahead at least for germany, yay
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    and don't forget: german prices are 19% VAT included!! (just for you americans...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
    Very nice to see HP is pushing these out over their usual PC distributing channels...
    this is not the case. the HPalm devices get distributed via Brightstar in Germany/Europe, not via the regular HP channels. Maybe because brightstar is more a distributor for mobile devices, while the regular HP distributors are not (however, they don't sell the iPhone, but do sell the iPad - maybe this is similar with the Touchpad!?) .
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    Ive seen Expansys is listing both a 8GB and 16GB version with QWERTY, no deliver date though. Ive been happy with my QWERTZ Pre but would rather have a QWERTY, just hope it will get released at the same time as the German version.
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    The prices are excellent, I wish they are true.
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