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    One thing about the Veer launch and the Veer I'm actually surprised about is the good battery life all the reviewers have said it has (at least compared to previous webOS devices). It makes me hopeful that the Pre 3's slight bump in battery capacity will make it have at least the same, if not better battery life than the Veer.

    IMO the better battery, optimized software, and more power-efficient hardware will balance out the bigger screen and faster processor.
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    What do you think about Pre 2 battery life in comparison to Veer battery life, it is good or equal to veer.
    I was hoping to buy veer but now I would wait for Pre 3 and if it comes in my price range I would go for it but not then Pre 2 here I come.

    Btw I totally agree with you Pre 3 battery would be better than veer and hopefully would last 1 whole day.
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    I'm hoping for a day and a half of heavy useage. If it gets me through one day I'll be very impressed though.
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    I've always gone through a single day on both my pre and pre 2

    off at 6:30 and used until 11 at night
    still always have batter remaining
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    I never regret getting the Selios 2600... worked great with my Pre+ works great with the Pre 2 and never have to worry about battery life ever again...

    It's difficult to make the battery last longer while making it replaceable and not adding thickness. >.>
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