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    25 14.62%
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    54 31.58%
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    92 53.80%
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    I like it black
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    Quote Originally Posted by jovanny27 View Post
    I like it black
    I'll resist the urge to throw in a "that's what she said" and say I'll take whichever, interested to see what the finish would be like on a white one, if it's faux ceramic like the GSM HTC Hero then it might be quite nice...
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    who are the 2 people that don't want the option?
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    I'm one. I was feeling stingy having to wait, but you're right. Choices are good, especially if it would improve visibility and acceptance in the market!
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    As much as white would be a bit different, I'll stick with black. But I don't mind the white.
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    I'll take whatever comes to AT&T. If I had the option, I'd take a black device.
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    I kind of like the white one, unpopular opinion but I think it looks chic.
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    I'd like a nice dark blue or something! I want some actual FLAVOR!!
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    I want Ferrari Red, or any color so that people know it's a phone and not just a dark space on the restaurant table.
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    Personally, I prefer it in black. Really because I don't want it to resemble anything from the fruit company. I'm not hating, I just feel feel that webOS as an OS is really a much different OS than iOS and don't want anyone to mistake it for an iOS device.
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    I'd kind of like a white version, just because it stands out more. I like the iPhone 4 in white for the same reasons; it stands out from the typical "black slab" design mindset that almost every new smartphone has.
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    yep, I'd like a white Pre2 or Pre3, but black is fine too..
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    I like it black
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    I take mine with cream and sugar...

    Someone said it in another thread, and I seconded it...I want it to come in Mood Ring surface!
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    Second thought, why don't they just make removable cases like that?
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    I dislike white phones. And white sunglasses. And white belts.

    But that's just me. Vote: Black.
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    I like black but different colors could help market it. Few high end devices really have color choices and its usually only white. I'd like charcoal grey or burnt orange, some might like lime green or teal, some red and navy blue. Give it color
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    Carbon fiber.
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    If they can make a white Pre 3 that's just as much (if not more) attractive than the white Veer I think they should go for it.

    Though, until I see the white one I'm partial to black.
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    I'm in the minority because I WANT it in white.
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