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    Guys, guys, guys. The smartphone market isn't going to fall off the planet in 2012. It's not going to explode into oblivion in 2015. What HP needs to do RIGHT NOW, is focus on making a GREAT CORE MOBILE OPERATING ECO-SYSTEM. Would you rather they release UNFINISHED PRODUCTS? No, nobody wants that. Let them take their sweet dandy time. You guys are absolutely right when you say that nobody needs a WebOS phone. That's because right now, WebOS isn't a major competitor. That's right now. It's only May of 2011. The smartphone market is still going to be here in 2015. All I want to see is WebOS succeed. I have my WebOS phone, it's not going anywhere. I'm sure there will be plenty of people who will buy these future WebOS phones. If HP can slowly creep into the market, inching their way through, drilling and delivering with GREAT SOFTWARE AND OPERATING SYSTEMS AND MOBILE ECOSYSTEMS (*this is the KEY, this is the MOST IMPORTANT*), then in no time they will be right with the best, before anyone ever realizes what happened.

    In 2015, in 2020, I'll look back and say, wow, I watched this all happen.
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    att might not need the pre 3 but the pre 3 needs a carrier or carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsetter883 View Post
    The Veer, like many said, is a neat little phone but should not by any means be their "webOS is back!!" phone.
    Releasing the Veer a few months ahead of the Pre3 or the TouchPad may have been a calculated risk by HP. They might have figured that if they released the Pre3 at the same time, or earlier, that the Veer would get overshadowed, all webOS attention would be given to the Pre3 because of the misconception that just because something is smaller, it must be less functional. I have seen this opinion expressed many times over the last few days here on the P|C forums. This would put the final nail in the Veer's coffin, so to speak. With the Veer's earlier release, however, HP could be banking that several current webOS users might buy the Veer to satisfy their thirst for something a little different in a webOS device, to steal AT&T's line, even though they might not otherwise buy such a phone. This, if the Veer is well received, could create a buzz for the device after it's release... one that HP won't even have to put marketing into.

    Beyond this, there is also the feature phone and QMD market segments that HP may be after with the Veer. They know that webOS fans will likely wait for the Pre3, but they knew that the earlier they got the Veer to the market the better. They had to strike while the media buzz was still hot... or at least lukewarm. The Pre3 took a back seat to Veer development and manufacturing so they could grab people not in the webOS know, while the rest of us patiently, or not so patiently, wait for the Pre3 and the TouchPad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    IMO it would be better than releasing the Veer!! Pre 3 actually can compete with some of their other phones, at a lower price. The Veer makes the iPhone 3GS they sell for $49 look more enticing. Tiny smartphone without ports, but huge AT&T bill! How many really will go for that besides webOS diehards?
    You do have to realize Diva that their are a lot of us wonks out here who are attracted to things that are off the beaten path, new, different in some simple way. I want a Veer exactly because it's small, and I do little with my phone but talk, and I'll be it does that extremely well. Sure I look at an occasional picture sent to me, or go on YouTube, but being able to put a little sleeve on the Veer and just drop it in my pocket with my keys is so attracting. There are more like me out there you can be sure!! Thanks Diva your comments are always interesting!!
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    The sky is falling!!! Or so it seems by reading this thread.

    For all those that say the impression people have is that a bigger phone does that from asking around the office or from doing scientific research and focus groups?

    Even if it is true, it will be up to the marketing department of HP to prove otherwise. Seeing the videos the last few days, I can say I am very impressed w/the Veer.

    BTW, this is all off from the original topic--does/doesn't ATT need the Pre 3, but it is where it has drifted...
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