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    HP will deliver the Pre3 on time if they can release it by September 21st - the last day of summer. I bet that date haunts their dreams and makes them sweat by day. Evo 3D was announced a while back by Sprint. Best Buy is reportedly accepting preorders now for the Evo 3D. No "PREorders" in sight for the Pre 3. Not even a scheduled press conference in which Sprint might make an announcement. September 21st is coming at HP like a runaway train. I don't believe the Pre3 will be shipping this summer.

    HP remains silent. Sprint is salivating over it's coming android profit boom...
    Just a matter of time before being banned - simply because I recognize that HP is killing WebOS.
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    Has Palm/HP done Pre-orders for any of their previous webOS phones? I don't recall that they have, so I doubt they will do it for the Pre 3. They will probably do like they've done with the Veer & Pre 2, announce the release date like a week or so before it goes on sale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bosabilene View Post
    I bet that date haunts their dreams and makes them sweat by day.
    No, I'm pretty sure the people who are sweating are many of the users of this forum who keep on asking for a release date and speculating about it.
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    As I have posted on these forums before, all of my sources (4 of them at this point, from Verizon and HP) have told me September for the release of the Pre 3, while June/July for the release of the Touchpad.

    I am in no rush for the Pre 3. I have a Pre 2 and it is MIGHTY good. Although I would LOVE a bigger screen on webOS with a portrait keyboard. I can't stand those dumb landscape keyboards. They don't work. Fingers are way too far apart to move rapidly.

    Anyway, what I can't wait for is the touchpad. That is going to be awesome.
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    I don't really care anymore. The Bold Touch on Verizon looks tasty and that HTC Trophy with WP7 is a catch. I prize those two just as much as I do the Pre 3.
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    I dont know how many times i have to post this but again Sept on sprint with wimax omg its confirmed by insider cant give name though
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    ^ Why would HP bother putting a Wimax radio in the Pre3 if not even Sprint themselves know whether to stay with it or ditch it for LTE. Sprint is a mess right now, I bet HP is just going to give original Pre owners the cold shoulder and just release it in AT&T and Verizon.

    I hope I'm wrong, but I can't logically see it happening.
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    Just call me Berd.

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