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    So the Nexus S 4G has a 1Ghz processor, 512MB RAM, and 800x480 screen resolution. It's priced at $199. Why is a Pre3 too outdated to be $199 again?
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    Because its called the Pre and it isn't running iPhone OS or Android. Duh...

    Its not out of date nor will it be. People are just biased and stupid.

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    Because webOS is unpopular. It's unpopular because the phones suck. The phones suck because they're unpopular. Continue this circular reasoning ad infinitum.
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    But if the Evo 3D dropped at $200 how many sales reps are honestly going to go after Pre3 sales... to that fact how many people (Non-WebOS users) are going to even get the Pre3 when the Evo 3D is going to be undoubtedly HEAVILY marketed... more so than the Pre3. HP needs to get their name out there and I think that the $50 price point will make a huge difference!
    That's just stupid. The Pre 3 isn't a $50 phone and doing that removes any sort of brand bonus. HP isn't BlackBerry.

    Who cares what the Evo 3D is priced at? The Pre 3 has a faster clocked CPU (single core) and Android doesn't take advantage of dual core cpus so that isn't really a big deal. The Pre 3 will be heavily marketed as well. HP is building a brand and trying to make the brand seem low rent is just dumb. If webOS offers users a great experience and the phones are competively priced, HP will be fine.

    I think people put far too much stock in what the sales ***** inside the store says. Most people go into an At&t or Verizon store knowing what they want to buy.
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