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    Has anyone asked HP if they plan to release the Pre3 and Touchpad at the same time this summer? Everyone always tries to nail down a date, but from what I can find/recall, I don't know if anyone has asked this, what I consider to be very interesting, question.

    Sorry in advance if I missed a thread/article related to this.
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    While I am interested when/why each/both will be released, I'm more interested at the moment if anyone has specifically asked this question. I don't think Josh did on the Engadget Show, I don't think anyone has asked this specific question at any demo event? I'm guessing if no one is responding, that means the question hasn't been asked?
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    I didn't ask that question but I did ask about release dates and was told that the Veer and Touchpad are both 'look to be due in June.' No word on Pre3.


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